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13 Bad Office Behaviors That Actually Make Sense

Only you can keep your workplace running smoothly. Reward your hard work by grabbing lunch at Burger King.

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1. Making sure your co-worker doesn't lose his tie.

He would be so upset if he lost it; it's his favorite one!

2. Clearing your co-worker's space for them.

Look at all the space they have now!

3. Inappropriate touching and even more inappropriate eye contact.

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Ensure that everyone is working in sync. One body, one mind.

4. Keeping an illegal stash in your office desk.

In case anyone needs a stress break. ;)

5. Making up your own procedures "in case of emergency."

How do you expect your co-workers to think outside of the box if you don't?

6. Being lazy.

Because you are lazy, you are well rested, which means when a crisis arises, you'll be full of energy!

7. Acting out when the boss is away.

This is how you maintain "cool guy" status.

8. Breaking company property. / Via

The less lollygagging going on, the more time people will spend doing work!

9. Stretch breaks.

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They're fun and good for the soul.

10. Spying from the vents.

Know everything that's going on behind your back so you can always be one step ahead.

11. Playing cute little games with your office neighbor.

So that he knows not to mess with you when it comes to real business.

12. Watching inappropriate videos at work.

Team bonding at its finest!

13. And playing trust games.

Knowing who NOT to trust is just as important.