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70 Thoughts Everyone Has While Looking At Their Old Photos Online

There's nothing like a quick click down memory lane. Hungry for something other than a nostalgia trip? Stop by Burger King® for flame-grilled, freshly prepared food you won't find anywhere else.

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1. I was just a baby!

2. Darn I was cute. What happened?

3. But ew, that hair tho.

4. And that outfit.

5. And those shoes!

6. It's as if I weren't even a real person yet.


8. Oh man, I loved that shirt! Whatever happened to that shirt?

9. Oof, that's what happened to that shirt. Barf.

10. Geez I owned a lot of sweatpants.

11. Or is that all the same pair of sweatpants?

12. These were all taken on laundry day, right? Right??

13. Oh god, and I'm wearing flip-flops, too.

14. How was I even allowed outside?!

15. Aw, I remember that. Kind of.

16. What a great summer. I miss that summer.

17. Except for that guy. Ugh, I hated that guy.

18. Geez I was tan that summer!

19. And chubbier.

20. Man I took a lot of photos of food.

21. The freshman 15 struggle was very real.

22. What year was this even?

23. Who even took that photo?

24. And whose house was that?!

25. Do I have amnesia? Is this what amnesia feels like?

26. Oh yeah. Gross. I definitely shouldn't have dated them.

27. They were so nice! I definitely should have dated them instead. Definitely.

28. You have so much to learn about love, Past Version of Me!

28. Oof. Woof. Wow. OK.

29. Have I ever had a good hair day in my life?

30. I regret those frosted tips. I shouldn't have frosted those tips.

31. Is that a bowl cut? When did I have a bowl cut?

32. Oh yeah. Geez, that was a weird year.

33. Wow, I guess I used to just upload everything, huh?

34. I had no shame. I literally had no shame.

35. Sigh... Those were the days...

36. I remember that concert!!

37. They were so great live.

38. You know, before they went ~mainstream~.

39. I should dig up that album again.

40. That's a lot of glow sticks. Do I own that many glow sticks?

41. How many photos did I take of this concert??

42. Aaaand I just noticed I make the same pose in every photo I'm in.

43. WHOA WHOA, I thought I deleted this one??

44. And this one???

45. How long have these been public????

46. For how many years?????


48. Oh wait these aren't even my pics.


50. Prom! That was a fun night.

51. I mean "fun" relative to high school but.

52. OMG, that dress.

53. OMG, that tux.

54. OMG, that awkward slow dancing.

55. Whatever happened to my prom date?

56. High school was so complicated.

57. High school was so dumb.

58. Meaning I was so dumb in high school.

59. I can't believe they let me into college.

60. I had so much fun in college!

61. I remember that party.

62. And that party.

63. And that party.

64. I went to a lot of parties.

65. How did I even graduate?

66. Wow, so much has changed!

67. But, I mean, not really.

68. I'm still a huge nerd.

69. An awesome huge nerd, though.

70. Man. Time really flies.


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