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12 Surprising Things That Happen To All New Mums

Those parenting brochures really brushed over the whole "pee on face" thing. Nothing can fully prepare you for being a mum – that's why Bupa is here to help you through!

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We asked our mum friends what surprised them the most about motherhood. Here's what they had to say:

2. While we're talking bodily fluids, getting vomited on will be a regular occurrence too.

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"I became accustomed to wearing white tops literally everywhere on account of milk vomit being pretty much a done deal after EVERY single feed." —Ash P.

3. Your house will (probably) never be clean again. / Via

"Every evening, I'm still amazed by the state of the house. It's crazy how much mess a 1-year-old can make. I've started convincing him that packing up is a fun game to play – we'll see how long it lasts!" —Vanessa M.

4. You could be surprised by how much love you have to give.


"Everyone tells you that you'll love your child more than anything, but I was so surprised by the instant love that I felt, it was so overwhelming. I held this precious baby in my arms and knew in a second that I would love and protect him with everything I had." —Vanessa M.

5. You get pretty good at problem-solving.

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"You find ways to be resourceful if there's no parents room in venues. No change table? No worries! You master the traditional art of aerial nappy changing and can literally do it in under three minutes." —Ash P.

6. You'll feel overwhelmed at times, and that's perfectly OK.


"My baby needed to be held or touched by me CONSTANTLY. Only me. Awake or asleep. Doing a poo while holding her was a new low. Or a high if you consider how skilled I got with my left hand." —Trish C.

7. And it might freak you out a little how perceptive your baby can be.


"I didn't realise how connected my baby would be to me. How I'm thinking, how I'm feeling, and what I react to. They look at their caregiver and react to their feelings and take them on board." —Carly C.

9. The dynamic of your relationship with your partner will change.

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"At times it becomes strained. But you also develop this unwavering respect and adoration for them because they helped you create this perfect little human." —Ash P.

10. Trips to the supermarket become a race against the clock. Except instead of a clock, it's a crying baby.

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"Being stuck in a supermarket with a screaming baby is on par with stacking it in public. Everyone stares, and no one helps." —Talia N.

11. Time will get away from you.


"You begin to understand why people say 'cherish every moment' because before you know it, your newborn is 5 months old and slowly gaining their independence. Sometimes you'll wish there were a fast-forward button, but just pause and remember every second is special." —Sarah M.

12. You accept that everything doesn't always go according to plan.

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"Not all babies are going to hit their milestones on time. Just because your baby rolls over at 5 months doesn't mean the next will. Just because another baby sleeps through the night at 12 weeks doesn't mean yours will. Every baby is different." —Ash P.

Just like all babies are unique, your experience as a mum will be too. Bupa is helping new parents get through postnatal depression with their Parent and Baby Wellbeing Program. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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