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12 Completely Normal Things All New Parents Go Through

Welcome to being a new parent! YOU GOT THIS! We know being a new parent isn’t always easy, but Bupa is here to help new parents through it. Poop and all!

1. You are no longer afraid of poop. Or vomit. Or messes of any kind.

2. You compulsively post baby photos on social media, even though you swore you would never be one of "those people."

3. You quickly figure out how little sleep you can get away with.

4. You stop caring about your ridiculously messy house.

5. You've read the same baby book so many times, you actually know it by heart.

6. You catch yourself doing the goofiest things to get a smile out of your baby.

7. You're constantly calling the doctor, worrying that your baby has an ear infection.

8. You can change a nappy anywhere.

9. You (VERY briefly) fantasise about hiding out in the bathroom when they won't stop crying at 3 a.m.

10. You smell your baby's butt in public all the time.

11. You spend the first three months worrying that you'll drop the baby on its head.

12. You do comedy bits with your baby, AND THEY'RE HILARIOUS.

Bupa is helping new parents get through postnatal depression with their Parent and Baby Wellbeing Program. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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