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10 Things That Look Lazy But Aren’t Really Lazy Because You’re Doing Them With Mates

That’s because spending time with your mates is important and Lazy Time is the ultimate bonding time with friends and family, spending a lot of time doing not much.

1. Watching footy on the couch

2. Enjoying a few quiet ones in the backyard

3. Lying poolside trying not to get a weird tan

4. Chucking a few things on the barbie

5. Hanging at the beach

6. Sitting at the end of a pier fishing

7. Sunday sessions at the local

8. Having a strum of the guitar that only gets brought out on camping trips

9. The pick up game where you're kicking a ball around at the park

10. Going for a drive

Next time you're thinking of doing nothing, round up your friends and some Bundaberg Rum Lazy Bears for some proper lazy time.