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9 Tried-And-Tested Tips For Improving Your Bumble Profile

Because a better profile means better matches.

Dating apps have made it easier than ever to meet and connect with potential partners, but how do you ensure you stand out in a crowd?

Here are nine tips to ensure your Bumble profile will have you hitting winners all summer long.

1. Make the first impression count.

2. Level up your photo game.

3. And make sure the first snap is just of you.

4. Add badges to help them get to know you more.

5. Show off your great music taste.

6. Consider adding your education or professional history.

7. Verify your profile.

8. State whether you'd be down for a virtual date.

9. And finally, use the Bumble Question Game to break the ice.

Bumble is the dating app that empowers women to make the first move. Download Bumble to take control of your love life in 2021.