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We Didn't Wash Our Hair For 5 Days To Test 2 Dry Shampoo Brands

A better solution than a "hat day". Brought to you by Bumble and bumble.

Amanda and Sarah both agreed to not wash their hair for five days to stress-test two dry shampoo brands. Here's their hair, having just been washed the night before:

By day three, Amanda's hair was starting to get pretty greasy,

Which meant it was now time to get out the dry shampoo.

We used Bumble and bumble. on the right side of Amanda's hair, and the leading competitor on the left.

And did the same on Sarah, instead using the nourishing version of Bumble and bumble., which is formulated for thick hair.

By not washing their hair, we were able to test how both brands faired when it came to product buildup.

Another key factor was testing how easy it was to work both products into the roots.

Here's Amanda's roots after product application on day five, at the end of the experiment.

And finally, here are Sarah's roots after product application on day five.

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