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    Posted on Sep 21, 2016

    Only A True Parisian Will Score 12 Or Better On This Test

    Do you really know Paris? Or are you just faking it?

    1. 1. Which side of the escalator should you stand on?

    2. 2. When should you step into a subway car?

    3. 3. Under what circumstances is it deemed acceptable to speak to someone on the subway?

      Getty Images
    4. 4. In what situation is it deemed acceptable to smile on the subway?

      Getty Images
    5. 5. How much does the Navigo monthly all-zones plan cost?

      Emily Jackson / Flickr: theglitteringunknown
    6. 6. This is Géraldine. Géraldine lives in Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Where does Géraldine live?

    7. 7. In a café or restaurant, what should you say to get the waiter's attention?

      FRED DUFOUR/AFP/Getty Images
    8. 8. How much apartment space will €500 per month get you in Paris?

    9. 9. Complete:

      BuzzFeed France
    10. 10. Out of the following two, which is the better subway line?

      Clicsouris /
    11. 11. In your opinion, which one of these decisions is reasonable?

    12. 12. In general, how much does a cup of coffee cost in Paris?

    13. 13. Which one of these Arrondissements is located on the left bank?

    14. 14. What is the former name of the AccorHotels Arena?

    15. 15. What is a "chocolatine"?


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