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24 Life-Changing Things You Could Accomplish In 24 Hours

Why do nothing with your day when there's so much you could accomplish. Buick's new 24-hour test drive lets you try a Buick for an entire day. Go forth and live!


1. In 24 hours, you could walk around the entire island of Manhattan...


Locals call the 32-mile course "The Island," and it's a major rite of passage.

Why it's life changing: You'll get to see some interesting sides of the city that most people never experience. All of the sides, actually.

2. ...or complete the Lost Coast Trail in California.

mypubliclands / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: mypubliclands

The 24-mile oceanside trail is made more difficult by the tides, which will rise and fall throughout the day, rendering some portions of the trail temporarily impassable.

Why it's life changing: How many hikes require a tide map to complete?

3. You could read one of the classic or modern classic American novels listed below from start to finish.


The average person reads about 200 words per minute. At this rate, you could finish roughly 290,000 words in 24 hours.

Why it's life changing: Because a good book sticks with you forever.

4. Or read through any of Shakespeare's 37 plays.


Word counts found here.

Why it's life changing: Because Shakespeare is credited for having invented many of the words, phrases, archetypes, and plots that are still used in modern storytelling today.

5. You could go vegan for a day.

Why it's life changing: Because you never know if you'll like something until you try it. Who knows how good tomorrow could feel!

6. Or do the complete opposite thing and smoke the best brisket you've ever tasted.

Rocketroom / Getty Images
James Baigre / Getty Images

Smoking times vary by the heat of your smoker and the weight of your cut, but a larger cut can easily smoke for 12 hours. And that doesn't count prep or eating!

Why it's life changing: If you don't believe brisket will change your life, you haven't eaten good brisket.

7. You could bike the entire Road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii...


The 62-mile journey has 620 curves and crosses 59 bridges, most of which are just one lane wide. The jungle and ocean views are incredible throughout. And stop at Halfway to Hana for some much-needed banana bread fuel!

Why it's life changing: Biking through spectacular tropical scenery is something you'll never forget.

8. ...or bike from Miami to Key West.


The 160-mile trek across the Conch Republic is not for beginners, but it's possible to finish in one day. The beautiful ride crosses 42 bridges and offers constant ocean views.

Why it's life changing: The sense of accomplishment at the end of the ride.

9. You could listen to the entire catalog of a legendary artist or band...

Courtesy of Jess Mendes

Step one: Pick an artist you know you should be familiar with but aren't (inspiration can be found here). Step two: listen to all of their albums.

Why it's life changing: It's interesting to listen to an iconic artist's sound as it evolves over the years.

10. Or make it through the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time Playlist.

Klaus Vedfelt / Getty Images

(Almost.) But if you skip the songs you know, you'll definitely make it in under 24. Listen here for free.

Why it's life changing: You never know when you'll find a new favorite song.

11. You could take a sunrise picture at the Grand Canyon, eat lunch under a giant sequoia at Sequoia National Park, and see the sunset over El Capitan in Yosemite.

Michele Falzone / Getty Images
David Clapp / Getty Images
Don Smith / Getty Images

But only in summertime when the days are long enough for the 13-hour driving tour.

Why it's life changing: These are three of America's greatest natural wonders. You've got to see them for yourself!

12. You could make a gratitude list of everyone in your life for whom you are thankful...

Panoramic Images / Getty Images

Why it's life changing: You will realize just how much you owe everyone. That's a lesson in humility you aren't soon to forget.

13. ...and then you could write each of those people a letter or email telling them why you're thankful for them. / Via

Why it's life changing: Just think how many ~feels~ you could give the good people in your just one day. You'll be changing the lives of those around you.

14. You could stand in the lowest place in America and then climb to the highest place in (contiguous) America.


Incredibly, Badwater Basin — the lowest point in America — is only 84 miles from Mt. Whitney's 14,494-foot peak, the highest summit in the lower 48, which is accessible via a 10.7-mile trail.

Why it's life changing: You can't appreciate the bottom until you've got a view from the top.

15. You could learn the steps to a new dance move...

BuzzFeed Yellow Video /

YouTube dance tutorials, people. Use them.

Why it's life changing: You'll be the coolest person on the wedding dance floor for the rest of time.

16. ...or learn the fundamentals of a new instrument.

Terry Vine / Getty Images

It's even easier if you already know one instrument. YouTube tutorials — they're free and helpful. Cannot stress that enough.

Why it's life changing: Playing an instrument is a simple pleasure anyone can enjoy and continue to enjoy forever.

17. You could put a toe in the Rio Grande in Texas and then drive north to Minnesota and dip a toe in Lake Superior.


The trip would take under 24 hours total drive time. Just make sure you go with friends and rotate drivers.

Why it's life changing: This border-to-border trip is definitely bucket-list material.

18. You could start learning a new language.

There's an app for that. 24 hours of study will give you a solid foundation in a language of your choosing.

Why it's life changing: There are 7 billion people in the world. If you just speak English, you can communicate with only 25% of them.

19. Or begin learning to code.


In 24 hours, you could make it through all 10 lectures in Harvard's free CS50 intro to computer science course. It's a great launchpad to more rigorous and specific areas of study.

Why it's life changing: Computer languages are more important than ever. Learning to code will help you to build a website, build an application, or build anything you can dream up.

20. You could watch a film (or five) from the American Film Institute's list of 100 Greatest American Films of All Time...

Mercury Productions / RexUsa

Check out the list here.

Why it's life changing: A great film is an aesthetic and emotional experience unlike any other.

21. ...make it through two whole seasons of House of Cards...

Netflix / Everett Collection

Why it's life changing: This. Show. Is. So. Good. And you'll finally understand that whole ring-tapping thing.

22. ...or host a movie marathon with themed refreshments.

Sami Sarkis / Getty Images

Lord of the Rings? Star Wars? The Godfather? Plus your friends and coordinated food and beverages? It's a great way to experience a classic trilogy — or three films that share a theme.

Why it's life changing: Epic movies are made better by immersive viewing experiences.

23. You could undertake a DIY project to improve your space.

Cultura/Hugh Whitaker / Getty Images
Christopher Hope-Fitch / Getty Images

Why it's life changing: Because the living room really needed that accent wall. Even subtle changes refresh your living space and improve your mood.

24. Lastly, in 24 hours, you could turn off your phone, leave your laptop closed, and spend a whole day goofing off with a friend.


Why it's life changing: Because spending quality time with the people you love is so important, yet so easy to overlook.

So what are you going to do with the next 24 hours? Experience the New Buick.

Courtesy of Buick

Just leave your car and take one of ours for 24 hours. It's a better way to take a test drive. Learn more here.