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11 Purchases That Are Worth Every Single Penny

Sometimes paying for quality is totally worth it. Here are some of those times, brought to you by the sporty new 2014 Buick Regal GS. Because performance is a luxury you deserve.

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2. Good Seats to a Show

Bahman Farzad / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 21644167@N04

There is no Jumbotron at the theatre. While you don't need good seats to enjoy a production, you'd be amazed how much more captivating a performance is up close.

4. A Meal You'll Never Forget

yaydrienne / Via

Eating a great meal prepared by a world-class chef is a sensory delight everyone should experience. Quality ingredients and culinary talent are luxuries you can't skimp on.

5. A Mattress Designed for Your Posture


A good mattress will last longer than a cheap buy. It will also improve your posture and back health while giving you a higher quality of rest. This is one piece of furniture you definitely shouldn't "salvage" from the street.

9. New Tires


There are only a few square inches of rubber connecting you and your ride to the road. Make sure they're the right type of inches. You want tires for the correct season, conditions, and model of your car.