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We Asked Amateur Football Players To Describe Their Dream Goal

There's no better feeling than scoring a goal. And scoring a goal you can show off down the pub (fanciful embellishments and all) is even better. Here are some of the best real goals, in association with Budweiser.

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2. "Was chatting up some girls as a goalie, and the ball bounced to me, and I belted it as hard as possible to get rid of it, and lobbed the goalie at the other end...

4. "First game of the season. Was so hot that we played in quarters with drink breaks. 15 minutes to go, losing 3–2...

Flickr/Martin Abegglen (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: twicepix

...I ran onto a loose bouncing ball about 45 yards out and belted it on the half-volley into the far top-left-hand corner."

- Ben S

5. "The ball was played long down the right channel. I miscontrolled the ball with my right because it'd been hit so hard. As the ball dropped, I turned on the spot, connected with my weaker left, and sent the ball toward the top-left postage stamp...

6. "It was about half an hour in, and my legs were going. A long ball was punted up from the back. I watched it over my shoulder...

Stefanschurr / Getty Images / Via

I kicked this ball so bloody hard that I thought my hamstring had snapped like a breadstick. Flew straight in, no chance for the little keeper. We lost 3–1."

- Sam

7. "Cut inside on a 5-a-side pitch and wrong-footed everyone by backheeling into the near side rather than shooting for the far post. A seismic equaliser in a 6–1 defeat."

9. "Around the middle of the opponent's half, the ball fell pretty perfectly over my left shoulder. I fired (yes, fired...) it with my right foot across the keeper into the far-bottom corner. It was bloody brilliant."

10. "I roll the ball out from under my foot, about 30 yards out, and think to myself, I’m just gonna have a dig from here...

Aksonov / Getty Images / Via

I struck it and thought, Yes, I like this, and watched it fly into the top corner. A grand total of two spectators saw it."

- Zac

11. "The ball looped high in the air and bounced on the diag of the six yard. As it dropped, I met it with a scissor kick.

Flickr/Orkney Sports (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: orkneysports

'Yeah, but what about the two easy ones you missed?'"

- Owen


Flickr/GT8073A (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: gt8073a

I found myself on the right-hand side of the 18-yard box when our striker Harry beckoned me to shoot, as if anything else were in my mind. I cut it back on my left wand and Wingardium Leviosa'd it into the top left."

- Ryan S

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