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We Challenged 17 People To Send Us Their Most Epic Photo

And they didn't disappoint. If you're up for spontaneous fun, like these people, Bud Light is creating a town, and you don't want to miss out. Make sure you audition for Whatever, USA and prove you're #UpForWhatever.

1. "I was free falling at 108 mph. There's no feeling like it."

Courtesy of Jenna D'Aniello

2. "Just me posing as Teddy Roosevelt, America's manliest president...doing what I assume he would be doing."

Courtesy of Ryan Shirah / Via Twitter: @AOPHXshirah23

3. "This isn't what it looks like. Someone was jumping from a snowy roof into the arms of some other people. (OK it's exactly what it looks like.)"

Courtesy of Colter J. Hinchliffe

4. "Typical Wednesday."

Courtesy of Colin Harari

5. "We traversed this mountain using a fixed-cable system β€” in other words, we scaled a freaking mountain horizontally."

Courtesy of Casey Cline

6. "Some people teach math, some people teach science... I teach elephants how to parallel park in the river."

Courtesy of Adam Rosenberg

7. "NBD, just me getting my superhero on."

Courtesy of Travis King

8. "You said 'epic photo,' right?"

Courtesy of Stew McDonald / Via Instagram: @motorcitystew

9. "Oceana has a massive rock center left that all water slams into. Gotta angle left, and hope you don't break your legs! (I didn't.)"

Courtesy of Kevin Kopf and Kelsey Hatcher

10. "The best part was that the birds were all rescues and the money was used to feed and care for them. Not to mention I received a framed photo with a packet of info about all the birds that had just been chilling on me."

Courtesy of Josh Fjelstad

11. "I think this photo speaks for itself."

Courtesy of Scott Steffek

12. "Banana bros for life, man."

Courtesy of David Van Sicklen

13. "Stumbling upon this guy peacefully blowing bubbles in Tompkins Square Park is one of the best things I've seen in NYC."

Courtesy of Isa D'Aniello

14. "New Year's is the BEST TIME to 'drop the ball' β€” especially while seeing your favorite band with 60,000 other crazies."

Courtesy of Sami Promisloff

15. "It's nerve-racking looking over the 75-foot cliff before jumping, but that sort of excitement of pushing myself over the edge β€” literally β€” was so thrilling that I wanted to do it I climbed back up and did it all over again!"

Courtesy of Lance McCaskill

16. "I'll be honest: This photo came out A LOT better than I thought it would."

Courtesy of Amy Stanley / Via

17. "Did you read the sign? This is me staring death in the face and laughing. Epic city."

Courtesy of Tim Sheehan

If you're up for spontaneous fun, make sure you audition for Whatever, USA.

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