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10 People Share The Most Spontaneous Thing They've Ever Done

It always pays to be up for whatever. Bud Light is creating a town, so if you're ready for spontaneous fun, audition for Whatever, USA and prove you’re truly #UpForWhatever.

1. Pop-Up Fortune Teller

Courtesy of Jeff Weinstein

"A few of my friends were in New Orleans for the weekend, so we decided to go to the market. The whole place was pretty boring, so we bought a blanket for $5 and set my friend up at an empty table to look like a fortune teller. We barked a bunch of people over to get their fortune read by 'Madam Heralda.' It was hilarious."

2. National Manthem

Courtesy of James Lamon

"We were visiting a small town and noticed they were having a Forth of July parade, so we decided to join it. We really got the crowd going and started several USA chants. People were cheering us on for miles."

3. Dead Sea How I Roll

Courtesy of Nick Slatkin

"We were in Israel for vacation, and I had just run out of clean clothes. With all that dry summer heat, I smelled awful. I needed a socially acceptable activity to do while everything was getting laundered. Enter: The Mud Baths. After a few soothing dips in the Dead Sea, I befriended some amazing (and equally dirty) locals who helped us find all the off-the-radar bars and restaurants for the rest of our trip."

4. Blind Fate

Courtesy of Amy Stanley

"My friends dared me to get in a cab blindfolded and instruct the driver to take me to his favorite place in NYC. Challenge accepted."

5. Fryday

Courtesy of Tiger Wang

"It was a rough week at work, so I went around and collected $2 from my co-workers for a 'surprise.' I called a meeting, and when everyone showed up, they were greeted by a mountain of golden-brown French fries."

6. Surf's Up... Way Up

Courtesy of Casey Cline

Me: "I'd like to do something really out of the ordinary."

Concierge: "The local aquarium is really nice."

Me: "Eh. Anything crazier than that?"

Concierge: "How about sledding down the side of an active volcano?"

Me: "Bingo."

7. The Light Of His Life.

Courtesy of Ken Blom

"Our friend, Brian, was having a particularly unhappy holidays, so we decided to spice up his desk a little. It's amazing what $40 worth of holiday lights and wrapping paper can get you."

8. Thinking Happy Thoughts

Courtesy of Ori Barnik

"It was Saturday night, and I had no plans (boo). I was heading to the subway when I ran into my old roommate. He was wearing giant minotaur horns and convinced me to come with him to a fairy tale-themed rave at some warehouse. I quickly ran to the Halloween store, bought some wings and some face paint, and headed toward the venue. Besides it being the best party of the year, I must have been stopped for photos about 20 times and even got a free slice of pizza for making the guy at the pizzeria laugh."

9. Chief Balloon Officer

Courtesy of Ben Rosen

"We found out a bit too late that it was our boss' birthday but, as luck would have it, we still had a bunch of unused balloons in the supply closet from various office parties. It took about 10 people to blow up enough of those suckers to fill the room, but the look on his face was totally worth it."

10. Enter Player 3

Courtesy of Chris Unera

"My friend and I wanted to get more bang for our buck from our old Halloween costumes, so we dressed up as video game characters and walked around the city with a spare controller. We would stop people in the street and ask them to play and, once they did, we acted out an entire skit that we prepared."

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