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13 Skills You Should Probably Master In Your Lifetime

Because hidden talents shouldn’t be so hidden. To see even more impressive skills, head to and check out all the epic unexpectedness that is happening in Whatever, USA

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1. The knick-knack-batty-crack, give-a-ball-a-whack:

2. The bounce pass:

Pieninja14 / Via

3. The brain bender:

4. The metro mania:

5. The perfect toss:

Iron-man01 / Via

6. The fishing with fish:

7. The double boomerang:

8. The pizza toss:

9. The foosball kill shot:

10. The slip 'n' slide 'n' shoot:

11. The sideswipe:

12. The 7-10-20 split:

13. The wall walker:

And the robot charmer:

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Bud Light built a real town for people who are #upforwhatever. Head to to check in on all of the unexpected awesomeness going on in Whatever, USA.