10 Easy Shortcuts That’ll Make Any Party Awesome

Hosting a party can be stressful. Thankfully we have a few simple tips to make it fun, no matter the occasion. So instead of spending hours coordinating your next get-together, just pop open a refreshing Bud Light Lime Straw-Ber-Rita and try out a few of our easy party shortcuts.

1. Mini muffin pan + corn bread mix + lil smokies = easiest homemade corn dogs.

kae71463 / Via Flickr: 75231152@N00

Get the full set of instructions here.

2. Keep cans cool in a bathtub filled with ice to make room in the refrigerator.

Taylor Alejandro / Via instagram.com

3. Serve dips in edible containers to minimize waste and dish washing.

Taco salad shells and hollowed out bell peppers work great.

4. No need to invest in a board game to bring your guests together, a free party game like celebrity will warm everyone up.

Find out the simple rules to celebrity here.

5. Get all the deliciousness of a homemade cocktail in a convenient pre-mixed drink.

Nicole Arflin / Via instagram.com

6. Scoop out ice cream balls and pre-freeze them on a cookie sheet so they’re ready to dish out to your guests when dessert rolls around.

7. Use a modified plastic cup to amplify music on your phone instead of dragging your stereo around.

Mike Hemberger / Via instagram.com

8. Re-use cardboard six pack holders as a caddy for condiments and utensils.

Find out how to customize them for the occasion here.

9. Hang up a cool frame for a fun set to take party photos in.

Ivette Torres-Coffin / Via instagram.com

Find how out to build this polaroid-style frame and more here.

10. Personalize cup sleeves for your guests ahead of time to avoid mix ups.

Dolly The Llama / Via instagram.com

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