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People Made Awesome Art With Bud Light Cans

So…looks like Bud Light cans double as essential pieces of artwork now. How can you show your love for your team with a piece of Bud Light #TeamCanArt?

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With the release of their NFL team cans, Bud Light challenged artists to create works of art that reflected their love for the game. Here's what they came up with.

Just look at that detail...

Courtesy of Koryn Woodward Wassan

Koryn is a freelance artist who previously taught high school level "drawing, painting, and printmaking." And it totally makes sense why she picked the Cardinals — this Arizona native is studying to become an aspiring birder.

Michelle Marie Acosta made a 49ers player...

Courtesy of Michelle Marie Acosta

Originally from Texas, Michelle is now based in San Francisco and normally uses metals, ceramics, and papers to create her sculptures. She used her skills as a metal welding sculpture instructor at "The Crucible, a nonprofit industrial art school located in West Oakland," to bring this red giant to life.

...and Scott Newcomb made one for the Raiders.

Scott Newcomb

Living in Oakland, Scott volunteers in the community and teaches on top of being a professional artist. The motto he used while constructing this masterpiece? "Love life, make art, and have fun!"

The Art of Chase strapped on his helmet and hopped on the Raiders bandwagon.

Courtesy of The Art of Chase

Known for murals and funny paintings, The Art of Chase is an unconventional artist living in Los Angeles. He likes to make large, over-the-top art with the message “where there’s a wall, there’s a way.”

Can you count how many cans it took to put this together?

Nick Sawyers used a bunch of cans to light the way for the Chargers.

Courtesy of Nick Sawyer

Nick's originally from Lincoln, Nebraska, but his love for "industrial design and murals" took him out west. He used his art skills to whip this piece up and had fun doing it.

And Andrew Yasgar, aka Sket-One, took 49ers pride to a whole new level.

Courtesy of Andrew Yasgar

Sket-One's original medium was "graffiti and illustration," but then he started making designer toys for Kidrobot and more. As you can see, he has no problem making custom pieces out of anything!

This bridge is literally almost to scale.

What kind of #TeamCanArt will you make this week? Pick up a case and show us your pride!