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5 Companies You Didn't Know You Wanted To Work For

Us millennials love companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google, but there are other companies out there that are equally rewarding to work for.

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This one often gets overlooked by the giants in the industry, but the company has competitive benefits and a great culture. Sure, you may be sweating under a time crunch most of the time, but it's no different than what you'd experience at any other IT company.

4. Acuity


Typically when one thinks of insurance, you think of the gecko from Geico or the duck from Afflack, but in reality, this company is actually rated higher on the list of best companies to work for. They have competitive salary/benefits, ping-pong tables, as well as fitness and dining facilities. Oh yeah. Did I mention their chocolate fair?

2. Radio Flyer


Who ever would have thought being part of a team that builds wagons would be so rewarding? The company prides itself on its team-oriented environment and excellent management. There's also equal opportunity to climb that corporate ladder.

1. Maui Jim


Not only do they have excellent health and retirement benefits, they pride themselves on having a fantastic culture. They have an onsite gym and a beautiful headquarters. Seriously, I've never heard a bad thing about this company; from employee or customer. This is definitely a company I'd want to end up at.

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