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What Exactly Is "Fashion" ?

An editorial essay on the dynamics of fashion and how its conceived through public perception. Written by Bryton Hawthorne.

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In the year 2017 a women might have a bag from one brand, shoes from another, and a skirt from somewhere else.

She could can wear a 1,500 dollar Givenchy dress with 60 dollar sk8 low Vans. Its very acceptable in today's fashion culture.

Affordable retro and vintage pieces mixed with high end luxury designers. That is the new wave my friend. Even enigmatic brands that were booming in the 90's/early 2000's like Reebok, Fila, Carhartt. Dickies, and Champion over the past year or two emerged with a strong comeback solidified with celebrity endorsements and clever promotional ads/marketing campaigns.

All of the fashion brands we see that are either extremely popular or slowly rising to the top make the notion that they want to be involved in fashion for the long haul. Whether we are talking about Stussy, an affordable California streetwear brand that represents skating, surfing, hip hop, grafitti and dj culture. Or on the total opposite end of the spectrum a brand like Commes De Garcons is a high end Japanese label that embraces abstractness, piratical cuts, and upscale punk oriented style with a unique twist. No matter what brand you can think of they all have one objective and one objective only. "Be FASHIONable. Fashion represents moods, self-expression and how you want to be represented for that certain day or occasion through clothing. It can range from a 3 dollar t shirt and a 10 dollar pair of jeans from Goodwill or a 2014 Spring/Summer Commes De Garcon limited edition pink ruffle dress that is currently bidding on ebay for 920 dollars. Who is to say that one outfit is better than the other? They are both fashion right?? They both represent something right?


Clothing and fashion although are synonyms of each other can also be evaluated from being different to one another. Clothing is the actual item or piece you decide to literally put on your body. Fashion embodies the overall vibe, concept, or idea when the clothing is finally put together as an ensemble. However its all subjective and people might think clothing and fashion go hand and hand but I beg to differ. I like how there is a yin and yang when it comes to choosing styles of clothing especially with women's clothes.

A woman could wear a motorcycle jacket with a summer skirt and look incredibly fashionable because they are in actuality the polar opposite of each other. The leather jacket represents an idea of non-conformity and punk influence. The summer skirt represents staying trendy, in-season but also showing a bit of flare and gusto. That is what fashion ultimately is. Its your stance on how you want to be represented and perceived through your clothing and style.

As of now we are in a fashion renaissance to a certain degree. Fashion companies that vary from affordable, to mid-level, to super pricey are all being meshed together to make a beautiful landscape of today's fashion. Fashion is also in the eye of the beholder, so one might say an outfit is very stylish and someone else could be unimpressed by that very same outfit no matter how much it costs. Its all about what fashion means to YOU. So basically just screw what their opinions are and wear what you want.

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