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Aquariums Which Are Beautiful Enough To Catch Your Eyeballs

Most people today prefer to have a beautiful Fish tank at home. so, here we are going to give you an interesting article about Fish tanks...

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Fish tanks are one out of very few things that catches the attention of young and old alike. The smooth movement of fishes and the deeper sea set up don’t let you take your eyes off it. It gives a certain kind of joy to see the happenings in an aquarium. Be it in your home or office space, fish tanks look beautiful everywhere. Let us have a look at some of the fish tank setups

•Piranha Care: Red bellied piranha that originates from Amazon basin of South America is a commonaquarium species.

Maximum Size and age: The growth of Piranha is limited in its captivity while in the wild, an adult piranha can grow about 13 inches of size. The average life period is 10-15 years. However, in some cases, they have been reported to live up to twenty years.

Types: The various myths associated with Piranhas make them mysterious creatures. There is not much information available for the different varieties of piranhas. Red bellied Piranhas are the most common aquarium species. With a tint of red coloration in the belly and fins, they look attractive. However, the color fades with time. As they get older, they turn completely black or pale grey in color. Another variety of piranha found is the star dust piranha with a golden hue on its body.

Tank size and set up: 3-5 piranhas can stay well in a 100-gallon tank but the perfect tank size would be a 150-gallon tank. A good filter is mandatory to clean the water from the fish waste and uneaten food debris. A powerhead can be a good addition to provide additional current and flow of water inside the tank. Piranhas being shy in nature prefer to hide. It would be nice to add natural driftwood, plants and rocks to create a natural habitat for them. The pH of the water should be kept at 6-7. A dim aquarium light and a dark background create the best atmosphere.

•Red Tail Catfish: This long-whiskered species are originated in the South American and Amazonian river basins.

Maximum size and age: They can grow up to 5 feet in the wild but in an aquarium, they mostly end up growing 3 feet in length. They have a longer lifespan and can extend up to 20 years and more.

Features: The feline whiskers and the beautiful red tail makes them easily recognizable and attractive in the fish tanks. They are generally brown or gray in color with spots all over the body.

Tank size and setup: Being the largest species of freshwater aquarium, they obviously need huge tanks. These varieties are normally opted by professional breeders and experienced aquarists. Normal hobbyists should not go for this species. Red tail catfishes eat a lot and hence, produce biological wastes in great amount. So, it is very important to clean the water regularly. Also, they have a tendency to swallow small inedible pebbles. So, be extra careful before adding decorations to the tank.

If you too are a die-hard aquarium enthusiast, you can follow FishTankSetups for reviews and assistance to come up with your very own FishTanksetup.

Fish Tank Setup

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