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The 10 Most Epic Turnarounds

There's more than one way to turn things around. Internet Explorer would know. Take these gifs for a spin, then check out the new Internet Explorer as it makes a turnaround of its own.

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3. Dogged Dog Turns Around And Around And Around

This is a dog, biting on to a stick, attached to a rope, attached to a tree. The stick will never stop spinning, the rope will never break, the tree will never fall over, and the dog will never, ever, ever let go. And you say perpetual motion is just a myth.

4. Tony Hawk Nails The 900

Before Tony Hawk was a cultural institution, he was just a man. A man with the ability to turnaround two-and-a-half times after getting air from a halfpipe.

8. Everyone's Favorite Chipmunk Does A Dramatic Turnaround

Yes, it's a literal turnaround, but it's also figurative: earlier that day, the chipmunk saved an account from canceling at his work, finished couples therapy with his girlfriend, and finally wrapped up a year-long diet that got him to fit into his old college clothes again.

10. Basically All Figure Skaters

This dude (Timothy Goebel) only got a bronze for this. A bronze. Have you ever tried to jump on ice skates? It's impossible, because ice is really slippery.

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