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14 Oh-So-Pleasant Surprises

Finding money in your pocket. Your luggage being first onto the carousel at the airport. Internet Explorer actually being good again. Check out these pleasant surprises that make life grand.

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1. Showing up at the ice cream parlor on Free Cone Day ...


... Which is much more classy than asking for a sample of ten different flavors, then awkwardly pretending to check your voice mail while you walk out and avoid the ice cream worker's glare.

11. The client brought donuts to the meeting ...


... Which not only closed the deal, but made everyone best friends, prompted a spontaneous marriage proposal and acceptance, and helped steer global society toward a stable Middle East.

14. There's a back-to-back marathon of your favorite sitcom on on your sick day ...


... And as a result you will punctuate every sentence for the rest of the week with the "Law and Order" DUN DUN sound effect, but that is the price of entertainment.