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3 Ways Every Brown Boy Can Rock The Hat This Summer

Ever wondered if there’s a better way to style that huge stack of hats you’re storing in your wardrobe? What are the rules and basics of carrying a cool cap and making it appear cooler than it really is?

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All images in the post below are courtesy of Vivek Singh.

Dressing up is all about mixing and matching the right way. While every accessory you’re sporting should be well coordinated with the look, it should still be allowed to stand out—each piece should have its own statement! Wondering how that could be? Well, let’s use a hat as the perfect example.

Move on over to your stash of hats and pick the one you love the most (if that’s possible it at all). Now, keep reading on to see how you can style your favorite head gear to make a statement everywhere you go this summer—we’re going to use a little bit of help from Mumbai-based actor/model (featured in the images), Vivek Singh.

This post was originally published on Brown Girl Magazine, by Preeti Singh. Click here to read more!

1. Keep it casual

Basic shades like black, blue and beige are a must-have for all men in their wardrobes. A hat could add a statement to a casually worn t-shirt with a cool pair of jeans; hats look great when matched with the color of the T-shirt because pairing the two makes the colors look noticeably visible and catches the eye.

2. Match it with a scarf

A hat could also be teamed up with a matching scarf—and I can tell you that it looks cooler than you think. A simple touch of a nicely blended scarf with the same color hat helps to bring out the tones of the basic tees and look more attractive.

3. Play up the color theme

Another great way, apart from the contrast color theme, is to go with the same color theme but in different tones. Blue is the age old classy choice. Mix up all different shades of blue, or the color of your choice, to carry out the above look.

If you wish to go bolder, rock your denim style with a half jacket and a vest in the same colour to give it a contemporary touch.

This post was originally published on Brown Girl Magazine. Click here to read more!

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