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    Honestly, I Didn't Know How Badly I Needed These 17 Chuck E. Cheese Tweets In My Life

    We stan Charles Entertainment Cheese.


    Whenever I'm sad, I remember that Chuck E. Cheese's full name is Charles Entertainment Cheese.


    Hi, welcome to Chuck E. Cheese. Everything is visibly dirty and our mascot is a rat, eat some pizza near a sneezing child. Come on down for some rat pizza at our child casino.


    I liked Chuck E. Cheese better when he looked like he might microphone-whip a kid at any goddamn moment and then put out his cigar on their dad.


    Yo the Chuck E. Cheese backstory on Wikipedia is wild.


    My life can be hard, but obviously not as hard as the dad who just yelled, "FIVE SECOND RULE!" in this Chuck E. Cheese.


    Mannn Chuck E. Cheese need to just become a pizza place😩🤣🤷🏻‍♂️💯 fuck them kids


    ordering chuck e. cheese pizza on seamless is the most chaotic thing i can imagine


    PLAY THE HITS, NO ONE IS HERE FOR YOUR NEW STUFF!! -Me, drunk, yelling at the Chuck E. Cheese band.


    [1986] Chuck E. Cheese commercial: Where a kid can be a kid! 6-year old investment banker: Finally


    whoever started chuck e cheese was like yooooo little kids are def gonna fuck wit this scary ass mechanical rat


    my childhood was over at age 6 when I saw chuck e cheese outside for a smoke break


    You think you can scare me? My first job was at Chuck E Cheese. The ball pit changes you.


    I just remembered that whenever I went to chuck e cheese for a bday party I would beat the shit out of the person in the mouse costume for no reason at all and I just want to say I’m so sorry to any miserable teenagers earning minimum that I beat up when I was 6


    4yrs ago today I had a 6ft mouse in a headlock, and till this day you still cannot bring alcohol into Chuck E. Cheese.


    Date: You said we were going to an Italian restaurant with live music. Me: *holding open the door to the Chuck E. Cheese* We are.


    "Their lifeless eyes failed to conceal a profound sadness. Terrifying that even an animatronic band seemed to grasp the cruelty of being forced to portray life while not being granted it. Also the air hockey table was broken." - Werner Herzog's Yelp review of Chuck E. Cheese


    5 year old at his birthday party: "where is the chuck e cheese mascot?" the chuck e cheese mascot: