23 Important Questions We NEED Answered In The "Lizzie McGuire" Reboot

    Hey now, hey now... I want answers!

    1. First and foremost: will Miranda also be in the reboot?

    2. Or will we be made to believe she's "still in Mexico City?"

    3. And did she develop serious FOMO for missing her BFF literally turn into an Italian pop star?

    4. Will that legendary trip to Rome even be referenced at all or will they pretend it never happened?

    5. Will Adam Lamberg come out from wherever he's been to play Gordo again?

    6. And will Gordo still be in the friend zone?

    7. Do Lizzie and Gordo ever try dating after their steamy kiss in Rome??

    8. Will there be an episode where Lizzie confronts her first boyfriend, Ronnie, 15 years later and drags him for what he did?

    9. Will Queen Kate Sanders make an appearance?

    10. And will she still be a bully at 30 years old?

    11. Will we get any updates on Ethan Craft?

    12. Will Lizzie's brother, Matt, be in the show at all?

    13. And if so, will Lanny and Melina still be around?

    14. Will Lizzie's parents be there to continue embarrassing their kids?

    15. Will Larry Tudgeman finally change his shirt?

    16. Will Lizzie still be an outfit repeater?

    17. And will her outfits be still wacky AF?

    18. Is there going to be a Digital Bean in New York City for Lizzie to chill in after work?

    19. Will Lizzie ever run into her old pal Aaron Carter?

    20. Will Lizzie think moving to New York will excuse her from the annual Grubby Longjohn's trip?

    21. Will she pick up rhythmic gymnastics again?

    22. Will we still have the iconic cartoon version of Lizzie giving sassy commentary in between scenes?

    23. And if the original cast returns, will we get a recreation of the classic theme song opening with those red balls flying everywhere?