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    23 Photos That Prove We All Had The Same Childhood, Just Different Houses

    Never forget The Computer Room.

    1. This big orange pitcher that everyone’s Grandma owned.

    2. These fruit magnets that are probably still on your grandparents’ refrigerator.

    3. These Disney movie cups you collected, courtesy of your local Burger King.

    4. This dinnertime game-changer.

    It's 2004. Dinner has just been made. The jimmy neutron/ fairly odd parents special starts in 5 minutes. You beg your mom to eat in the living room so you don't miss it. She whips this bad boy out and life is good🙂

    Via Twitter: @meccanismsofme

    5. This iconic alarm clock that woke your parents up every morning.

    6. This blanket that was permanently draped across the living room sofa.

    7. The VHS tapes marked by white labels and your mom’s handwriting.

    8. This LOUD AF intro that terrified you once you pressed play on whatever movie you were watching.

    9. And this push-to-open glass TV stand that held your VHS/DVD collection and your N64, of course.

    10. The DCOM intro that took Friday night to a new level.

    When you saw this dude doing a split in mid air Disney channel was about to drop a Bomb ass movie.

    Disney Channel / Via Twitter: @chilltweetss

    11. The daytime shows you were guaranteed to watch on your day off from school.

    Stay home from school TV starter pack #TweetLikeThe2000s

    CBS, PBS, NBCUniversal / Via Twitter: @zealousx7

    12. And the George Lopez theme song at maximum volume in the middle of the night.

    Falling asleep with the tv on and waking up at 3am to this theme song blasting throughout the house #TweetLikeThe2000s

    Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @sassmastermadz

    13. The “Computer Room” that the whole family shared.

    14. The good ol’ Limewire days.

    me at age 12 illegally downloading lollipop by Lil Wayne on limewire

    Via Twitter: @vinnybrack

    15. And those masterpiece mixes you made and couldn’t wait to pop into your CD player.

    16. This cheap form of entertainment.

    Ima buy you a drank, oouuu weeeee, imma take you home with me, I got money in the baaannk.

    Via Twitter: @itskyllle

    17. This even cheaper form of entertainment.

    18. The door stop that become the focus point when you were in your feelings.

    After i got an ass whoopin I'd be layin down on my floor playin with this thing with tears running down my face

    Via Twitter: @jjesusleonn

    19. The mode of transportation you used when you didn’t have your own ride.

    20. The crushed soda can that transformed your bike into a motorcycle.

    21. These little juices you dug out of a cooler at every cookout you attended as a kid.

    22. The designated base for hide n seek.

    23. And the place you came to sit and talk at the end of a long day.

    If you've never had a deep, late night conversation at one of these tables with your friends at 1AM, wyd

    Via Twitter: @xforcades2