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    17 Times People Failed To Honor The Unspoken Rules Of Public Bathroom Etiquette

    Do NOT make eye contact with me through the crack in the stall.

    1. Choosing the neighboring stall when there are PLENTY of other options:

    Can we start publicly shaming people who choose the stall next to you in the bathroom because today I was in an empty bathroom w 20+ stalls and the bitch chose the one next to me and I almost made a citizens arrest this shit is out of hand

    2. And not following the 1-3-5 rule:

    I feel the need to post a PSA on public bathroom etiquette after some animals recently displayed ignorance to this staple of humanity. The 1-3-5 rule should be observed on both urinals and stalls at all costs and there should be no words uttered at any time even if there’s a fire

    3. Leaving your pee on the seat for someone else to wipe up:

    To the women who splatter pee all over the damn toilet seat in public bathrooms.... Either wipe the seat when you're done or play in traffic

    4. Peeing on the FLOOR:

    do all men just make it their personal duty to piss on the floor in every bloody public bathroom

    5. Failing to take responsibility:

    The worst thing about finding pee on the toilet seat at a public bathroom is the fact that I know I have to clean it up or else the person after me will think Im the one who did a Niagara Falls impression

    6. Having the audacity to look another person in the eye:

    eye contact in a public bathroom gotta be at least a misdemeanor

    7. TALKING to another person in the bathroom:

    Good morning to everyone except people who try to talk to me while I’m peeing in a public restroom. No. There is nothing so important that you must speak to me while my bits are out. Shut the fuck up, Karen.

    8. Even simply acknowledging another bathroom user's existence:

    Sneezed in a bathroom stall at the gym and a woman said “bless you” 👀 like, lady, do you not understand proper etiquette??? When we’re in the bathroom we are INVISIBLE we do not hold conversations or bless each other.

    9. Having a full-on phone convo while everyone is just trying to do their business:

    What's the etiquette when someone is on the phone in the restroom? Do you wait for them to leave to flush? I wonder this every day! Also... why do so many people talk on the phone in the restroom now????

    10. Refusing to take an extra .01 second to flush what you just produced in the toilet:

    I genuinely wonder who’s the person who goes to a public restroom, poops, and decides not to flush, like what’s the reason behind that? “Nah sorry, too busy” “I’m in a hurry already wasted too much time wiping my ass” I JUST WANNA KNOW WHY

    11. Especially if you went #2:

    If you go #2 in a public restroom and don't flush I should legally be allowed to come shit in your house.

    12. Making your struggle loud and clear:

    Sir, you do not need to moan "oh boy" when you are taking a shit in a public restroom.

    13. Knocking on a locked door:

    To the individuals who try a public restroom door, find it locked, and proceed to knock: what additional information are you seeking, exactly?

    14. Especially when you’re fully aware that the door is locked:

    Let's say you're going to use a public restroom, but the door is locked. You also notice that it's the type which locks only from the inside. You can either: A: DON'T KNOCK. Wait until the person in there exits. -OR- B: Go jump off a fucking bridge you piece of shit.

    15. Failing to simply look straight ahead when a new person enters:

    Open the door to the office bathroom, there's a guy at the urinal, and he TURNS AROUND TO LOOK AT ME when I walk in. That's not how men's bathroom etiquette works at all.

    16. Making things unnecessarily awkward:

    Listen, it’s bathroom etiquette that if I’m pooping in a stall first, then you come in to pee, and you hear me flushing and getting ready to come out, you hurry your ass up, wash your filthy hands, and leave before I come out to avoid and awkward encounter at the sink.

    17. And just being a straight-up animal:

    who tried to take a fucking bite out of this toilet paper roll. why do public bathrooms turn people into complete animals