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19 Delicious Food And Wine Pairings That Just Happen To Be Vegan

Wine goes with more than just meat and cheese. Especially these vegan wines from Brown Brothers.

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Complement the lightness of this summer wine with a light, crunchy, summery salad, Vietnamese flavours, and veggies such as cauliflower and green beans. Oh, and a few friends to share it with are mandatory.

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Refreshing and dry, this savvy b goes well with Asian flavours, fresh herbs, and lots of green veggies. Its acidity will also help cut through some creamier dishes.

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A medium-bodied wine with aromas of red berries and spice, this Spanish varietal goes well with – you guessed it – Spanish dishes, along with some classic Aussie meals, capsicum, and tomato-based dishes.

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This full-bodied red with spice and oak aromas can hold its own against gutsier dishes. Think smokey flavours, black pepper, and roasted or charred Mediterranean vegetables.

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