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12 GIFs From Grimsby That Will Make Zero Sense Until You See It

Like, actually none.

1. This awkward bro hug...

2. ...will eventually lead to this intimate encounter:

3. And things will get very serious, very quickly:

4. There will be some unorthodox seductions:

5. In fact, this guy will get a lot of action:

6. These guys will not let anything get in the way of a game:

7. And it looks like some kinky stuff will happen:

8. Really kinky:

9. We'll see the lengths people will go to for a beer:

10. We'll even get high-intensity fight scenes:

11. There'll be some pretty cute moments:

12. And you'll just have no idea what to expect next:

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Confused? Well then you'll just have to go see Grimsby to figure out what's actually going on. It’s at cinemas nationwide from Wednesday, 24 February

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