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    27 Expensive-Looking Clothes That, Shockingly, Can Go In The Washing Machine

    No dry cleaning bills to see here 🙌

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.

    1. A swingy faux wrap dress for a summery look that's *almost* as effortless as the accompanying cleaning instructions.

    2. An ultra-classy and easy-to-care-for houndstooth pullover you can throw on whenever you want to look put together without sacrificing comfort. Prints come and go, but houndstooth is forever. 🖤

    Model wearing the houndstooth sweater

    3. A silky satin blouse for a sleek going-out look you won't have to waste precious time washing by hand. And that tiger print!!!

    4. An absolutely *striking* taffeta maxi skirt with straight-off-the-runway bravado you'll want in your closet even if your Met Gala invitation got lost in the mail (again). I know you're thinking, what is this work of art doing on this list? Well, it just so happens to be machine washable, so you really can have it all.

    5. A versatile blazer that'll instantly class up your wardrobe without needing the painstaking care required by most professional-looking pieces. And since it comes in so many fab colors, you may want to take this opportunity to stock up 👀

    6. A gorgeous tie-waist dress you'll buy for its looks and keep for its breezy, lightweight feel. That, and the fact that it's safe to throw in both the washing machine AND dryer!

    7. An elegant wrapped V-neck that just goes to show you can look polished without having to resort to dreaded hand washing.

    8. An unassuming linen tank with a surprising open tie-back for anyone who wants to feel impossibly chic with almost zero effort. And speaking of almost zero effort, that goes for cleaning this beauty as well.

    side by side photos of the front and back of a model wearing the yellow top

    9. A jaw-dropping floor-length dress you'll be "floored" to learn can, indeed, stand up to the washing machine. And that print! 😍 Wear this if you like the idea of receiving compliments all night.

    10. A knitted wrap dress that's got the same comfy slouch factor as your favorite sweater, only better, since you don't have to wear pants with it. Also, isn't that sweater dry clean only? I thought so...🧐

    Model wearing the gray dress

    11. A cropped turtleneck with gorgeous side buttons and flowy drop sleeves if effortless sophistication (and cleaning!) is what you're going for.

    12. A gorgeous puff-sleeved peasant blouse with a smocked bodice that looks like it could've come straight out of Romeo and Juliet (had they had access to washing machines back in Shakespeare's day).

    13. A flowy pair of palazzo pants for anyone looking to transition from wearing sweats 24/7/365 while keeping the same easy breezy care routine as your favorite joggers.

    14. A floral lace-back midi dress that seems like it would be suuuper delicate but is, in fact, safe to toss into the washing machine. And just so, so pretty.

    15. A flowy pair of wide-leg pants, which look like they're from a pricey boutique, but are actually pretty inexpensive given that they're custom-made. And the fact that they can go in the wash? Sold!

    16. A frilly V-neck mini dress for anyone who appreciates ruffles and low-maintenance garments. That cut-out back, though!

    17. A swingy pleated maxi skirt with a cute bow that's dressy enough for events but can also be worn anytime, especially since it's such a cinch to clean.

    18. A crisp pair of dress pants to take you to the office, dinner with friends — basically, everywhere except the dry cleaner. And check out those cool ankle zippers!

    19. A positively pretty floral maxi dress that's A. Far more expensive-looking than it is, and B. Much easier to care for than many of its pricier counterparts. And that open back! That slit! 😍

    20. A lacy cocktail dress you'll actually, you know, wear, since you won't be worried about how the heck to clean it. Those hand wash-only garments that have been sitting in the back of your closet had better make room!

    21. A dreamy, versatile linen dress that's just as easy to wear as it is to clean. Wear it loose for a roomier feel, or cinch in the waist belt for a more fitted look.

    22. A sleek fitted turtleneck, because we all need that reliable piece that perfectly straddles the line between cozy and "professional enough to wear on a Zoom call." And if we don't have to spend a lot of time or money to clean it? Even better!

    23. A silky-soft midi dress so luxe-looking, you'll do a double-take (and a happy dance!) when you see that the care instructions say it's washing machine-friendly.

    model wearing the floral and polka dot dress

    24. A button-down ribbed cardigan for an elevated take on the classic grandpa sweater (without the pesky care instructions). It seriously looks way more luxe than its reasonable price tag would have you believe, and for the complete head to toe cozy look, there are also the cutest matching knit shorts and a sweater tank!

    25. A vibrant jogger-style jumpsuit which, true to its name, will make you "jump" for joy once you realize how easy it is to care for. Plus, it has pockets (!) and that cheery print is sure to put a smile on your face.

    26. A pair of ridiculously cute high-waisted pants with not only a bow at the waist, but at the tapered ends as well! 🥺 They also look like the type of pants you'd have to bring to a professional cleaner, but lucky for us, there's no need.

    27. Annnd, a super soft button-down you'll probably start reaching for as your go-to top given how versatile and easy to care for it is. Tuck it in, leave it out, tie it up — the limit does not exist. Plus, it looks far more expensive than it actually is.

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