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    29 Sandals So Comfy, Reviewers Say They Walked In 'Em For Hours

    From slip-ons and flip-flops to heels and platforms, you're sure to find your new favorite warm weather shoes on this list.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.

    1. Iconic-for-a-reason Teva sandals for bringing on any warm weather trip, even if the only walking you plan on doing is making a beeline for the hotel pool. Their quick-drying material will keep you from sloshing around in wet shoes, while the signature strappy design ensures your feet stay put. 

    reviewer's feet in the black and white sandals
    reviewer's feet in the multicolored sandals

    Plus, the rubber soles will come in handy on slippery surfaces!

    Prime members: You can try before you buy!

    Promising review: "I bought these for my trips to Colombia and Israel. These not only performed as expected, but exceeded my expectations. I thought I would want to wear running shoes after a while, however, I never did. These sandals where fine in the Mediterranean Sea, Dead Sea, walking through many cities for hours, and hiking up rocky slopes. A great investment if you want one shoe for all your adventures. NOTE: The straps never bothered my feet." —Monica

    Another promising review: "Comfiest shoes on the planet. I bought them for my trip to Thailand, which included a heavy amount of walking and hiking. I now wear them all the time, even for non-adventurous activities. They are so darn comfortable, and have great grip." —Caroline V.

    Get them from Amazon for $24.94+ (available in sizes 5–14 and 35 styles — not all styles available in all sizes). 

    2. Birkenstock Arizona sandals — the most low-maintenance shoes that'll go with everything from denim shorts to flowy dresses. Plus, the contoured footbed provides extra arch support on big walking days. 

    reviewer's feet wearing the beige sandals
    reviewer's feet wearing the dark gray sandals

    Prime members: You can try before you buy!

    Promising review: "LOVE. I just got home from a five-hour touring adventure (LOTS of walking) and my feet feel fine. Everyone I've talked to swears by Birkenstocks and I'm so glad I finally took the plunge." —Cat

    Another promising review: "I love the Arizona style. They are easy to adjust and easy to slip on and off. I suffered from a heel spur and I was able to walk without pain when I changed over to the Arizona sandals. I took several pairs of shoes on vacation and never once did I switch over to a different pair. I can walk for long periods of time with comfort. They are my first choice of shoes." —Glenn B.

    Get them from Amazon for $89.95+ (available in sizes 3–16.5, including narrow sizes, and in dozens of styles — not all styles available in all sizes). 

    3. Dr. Marten gladiator sandals in case the thought of packing away your beloved combat boots during the warmer months is making you incredibly sad. Don't worry — these have the same yellow stitching and "bouncing" soles, only their open design might make them even more comfy than your chunky stompers. 

    Reviewer's photo wearing sandals while standing
    a reviewer showing their entire outfit plus the sandals

    Prime members: You can try before you buy!

    Promising review: "Wore these out yesterday while walking downtown for about five hours and my feet never hurt once! These are very comfortable and felt secure. I have other Doc Marten sandals that are a different model and knew to go down an entire size." —Yoli Lo

    Get them from Amazon for $71.04+ (available in sizes 5–11 and four colors).

    4. Crocs wedges, which — before you @ me — are both seriously comfy and stylish, thank you very much! Even if you think you're not a Crocs fan, these lovely shoes will win you over with their raised foam footbeds, and since they're water-friendly, they're great for poolside hangs. 

    reviewer wearing the beige sandals
    reviewer wearing the leopard print sandals

    Promising review: "Excellent summer purchase. Admittedly, I was skeptical of purchasing Croc sandals, fearing they would be hideous and branded with huge letters everywhere. These sandals are actually amazing and incredibly comfortable. I walked around a zoo for 3.5 hours in them and my feet didn't hurt at all! I love the height and the strength of materials, too — you won't regret this purchase. I am likely going to get another pair in a different style." —BearTales1568

    Get them from Amazon for $32.99+ (available in sizes 4–11 and seven styles). 

    5. Aerothotic flip-flops so supportive, even reviewers with conditions like plantar fasciitis swear by them. Unlike flat sandals, these have ample arch support, along with soft straps — no painful digging! — cushy gel insoles, and sweat-resistant footbeds. 

    These have the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance, which is granted to products found to promote good foot health!

    Promising review: "I purchased these last summer because they were recommended for plantar fasciitis sufferers and I have not been disappointed! These are casual and perfect for everyday wear and I can wear them for hours and hours of walking without any discomfort. I really am happy with these flip-flops!" —INcatlady

    Get them from Amazon for $35.95+ (available in sizes 6–11 and 20 colors). 

    6. Or Vionic orthotic sandals if you wanna go easy on your feet while dressing things up via cute little bows. They're so adorable, no one would even suspect they were designed with three-zone comfort features — like deep heel cups, arch support, and ample cushioning — to improve alignment, stability, and balance. 

    reviewer wearing the sandals in black
    reviewer photo of the sandals in green and tan

    These also have the APMA Seal of Acceptance!

    Prime members: You can try before you buy!

    Promising review: "Best sandals I've ever purchased. Super comfortable, even when walking in them for many hours. Dressier than most flip-flops. Most shoes that are comfortable are really unattractive, but not these. Expensive, but worth it!" —cjkotro

    Get them from Amazon for $23.50+ (available in sizes 5–12, including wide and narrow sizes, and dozens of styles). 

    7. Charlotte Stone platforms, because winter called, and it wants all of its neutrals back. Let's throw a little color into the mix! These beauties will instantly liven up any warm weather 'fit, and their chunky soles will give you a much comfier boost than your stilettos ever could. 

    model wearing the black sandals with multicolored buckles
    side view of the multicolored platform sandal
    Charlotte Stone

    They also have memory foam insoles!

    Charlotte Stone founded her shoe brand in Southern California in 2014, and if you're also a fan of colorful footwear, you'll wanna check out the rest of her vibrant designs!

    Promising review: "I always have so much trepidation about buying shoes on the internet. But everyone RAVES about Charlotte Stone, and for good reason. I’ve worn my Rafs all over New York City. No break-in time, no blisters, and they look SO CUTE. They can be dressed up with a dress or down with jeans. Since they’re a platform, I’ve stood and walked for hours with no foot pain/arch soreness. In short, they may be the perfect shoe. Now I’m just talking myself out of buying them in multiple colors." —Emily

    Another promising review: "These babies are not only STUNNING but also incredibly comfortable! You really wouldn’t believe they could feel like walking on a cloud given how tall they are, but they do. Highly recommend! Note: Do not wear them if you’re not comfortable with lots of oohs, aahs, and general attention. These have gotten so many compliments!" —K.

    Get them from Charlotte Stone for $248+ (available in sizes 5–13 and three styles — not all styles available in all sizes). 

    8. Soft and squishy slide-on slippers, which can be worn outdoors but would also make the *cutest* house shoes. They come in the prettiest pastels, and reviewers have described their comfort as being both cloud- and marshmallow-like. 

    reviewer wearing the lavender sandals
    reviewer wearing the beige sandals outside

    FYI: many reviewers suggest sizing down!

    Promising review: "Love these shoes! I wear these all summer, with shorts, dresses, everything!!! They’re super comfortable and durable. I can walk for hours in these. I have them in five different colors." —mimi13

    Another promising review: "These slides are — and I mean this in the best way — marshmallows that mold to your individual feet. They are SOOOO comfortable. I’ve been working from home since the start of the pandemic, and I ordered them to wear in my house after I read that walking around barefoot long-term isn’t great for your feet. I wanted something with a little support but that would be comfortable. The reviews for these looked good so I ordered a pair, and now I never want to take them off. The material in every part is molded and squishy so there are no unexpected parts that dig into your skin or chafe. But they’re structured enough to provide some support for your arches. 10/10 highly recommend!" —Carrie B

    Get them from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in sizes 4–16 and 15 styles).

    9. Cushionaire slides with nearly 50,000 5-star ratings, so you know they're doing something right! These low-maintenance bbs might not look like they'd be made with long walks in mind, but their suede insoles mold to the contours of your feet with wear for the perfect fit. Oh, and the cork footbeds are surprisingly flexible. 

    reviewer holding up the tan sandal to show its supportive footbed
    reviewer wearing the sandals in tan

    Prime members: You can try before you buy!

    Promising review: "Super supportive. Most comfortable sandals I own. I had these in a tan color and loved them so much I bought the black ones. They have nice arch support and are pretty secure for a slide sandal. I walked for hours on a Saturday in these and my feet felt great. My back also felt good — not like after wearing the regular flat flip-flops. I will probably get another color. They run very true to size. You can tighten or loosen both straps for a more snug or loose fit as needed." —Lisa Lazaro

    Get them from Amazon for $24.99+ (available in sizes 5–13, including wide sizes, and 21 styles — not all styles available in all sizes). 

    10. Surprisingly lightweight Sorel Kinetic Sandals, which are so supportive you'll probably forget they aren't sneakers. One reviewer said they were so comfy, they wore them day and night in Europe, and their cool, sporty design will have everyone showering you with compliments. 

    Reviewer photo of a person standing with their dog while wearing black and white sandals
    Reviewer photo of a closeup of white soled black strappy sandals

    Promising reviews: "The fit is perfect. Love everything about these. They are super soft and comfortable — I walked for hours the first time wearing them — and have the perfect amount of lift. I may get a second pair." —Jody

    Another promising review: "You need these!!! The most comfortable walking sandals. I took them on my trip to Greece and also wear them all the time here in LA. I get so many compliments." —PopQueen

    Get them from Amazon for $64.32+ (available in sizes 6–11 and seven colors — not all colors available in all sizes).

    11. The cutest Skechers cork wedges, because you shouldn't have to sacrifice style for comfort! The contoured footbeds will cradle your feet for a comfy fit, and now you'll have the perfect shoes to wear with all of your new sundresses. 

    reviewer wearing the sandals in blue
    close-up of a reviewer's foot wearing the sandals in blue

    Prime members: You can try before you buy!

    Promising review: "This has to be the most comfortable wedge I’ve ever owned. I walked up and down the Atlantic City boardwalk for hours. Not a hint of uncomfortableness. Mind you I have a neuroma issue. Felt like I was walking around in sneakers. Definitely recommend." —Natasha C.

    Get them from Amazon for $34.95+ (available in sizes 5–12, including wide sizes, and eight colors).

    12. Faux leather strappy sandals in case you want the breezy feel of flip-flops, but with a more elevated look. These come in a beautiful variety of neutrals and metallics, and at less than 20 bucks a pair, go ahead and stock up!

    reviewer wearing the tan sandals on grass
    reviewer wearing the tan sandals while sitting near the water

    Prime members: You can try before you buy!

    Promising review: "I have bought these sandals in three colors now and they are my absolute favorite! Even when they were brand new they did not rub or give me blisters. I walked around San Juan for 10 hours and my feet didn’t hurt at all! They fit as expected and are an absolute staple for my summer wardrobe! BUY THEMMM!" —tkbonham

    Get them from Amazon for $13.17+ (available in sizes 5–15, including wide sizes, and six colors).

    13. Or some fisherman-inspired sandals that have faux cork midsoles for anyone who'd prefer a slightly cushier footbed. They can easily be dressed up or down!

    reviewer wearing the sandals in brown
    reviewer wearing the sandals in black

    Prime members: You can try before you buy!

    Promising review: "I bought these for a trip that required excessive walking. They were amazing. I only intended to wear them one or two days but ended up wearing them all five days. We walked about 12 hours a day sightseeing and I never had any issues. Love these!!!" —Thorpe5

    Get them from Amazon for $26.88+ (available in sizes 6–11 and 16 colors)

    14. Espadrille flatforms so pretty, they'll probably become your go-to warm weather shoe when you wanna dress up your look. Plus, your feet will appreciate having a break from stilettos! 

    reviewer wearing the sandals in white
    close-up of reviewer in the white sandals

    Promising review: "Don't hesitate any further, just buy them! I am super picky about shoes, especially sandals, and these are so comfortable. I wore them for hours walking around downtown and no blisters, no discomfort, nothing. They look amazing, too!" —Summer

    Get them from Amazon for $21.88+ (available in sizes 5.5–11 and 16 colors).