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Integration Of Online News Blogs And Teardrop Flags

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The word news simply means notable events, weather, and sports. In the news industry, there has been dynamic changes over the years. In the olden days, many people accessed news mainly through print media. These were newspapers, weekly, and monthly magazines. People actually argue that the news in newspapers are old news as we all know we get today’s events in tomorrow’s paper. With technological advancements over time, television sets and radios came into the scene. This almost rendered print media useless. This is because television/radio news are in real time, entertaining, and could be in almost any language. However, this would be eclipsed by online news with the emergence of news blogs. The advantages and disadvantages of online news blogs will be dwelt on in this piece, and the likely improvements.


Online news, or professionally known as digital journalism, is a form of news dissemination that mainly involves the distribution of editorial content through the internet. The information is presented in the form of text, videos, or even audio means.

Advantages of Digital journalism

Faster News-Compared to newspapers, online news gets to the public at a faster rate. Anything that happens in any corner of the earth is simply uploaded onto the internet where anyone can see. This is a plus since we cannot get access to print media(newspapers) of all continents. However, on the internet, everything is integrated.

Saves Time and Money-One does not need to spend their quality time looking for newspapers. You just need to open up a few blogs and you get updated. At any time of the day, you can access lots of news. With televisions and newspapers, you get news only at stipulated times only. This limits the public.

Another thing is that to access the online news blogs, you only need data bundles which are relatively cheap.

Updated Regularly-Trending news is always what you will get when you open up the news blogs. This ensures that you get real time updates, contrary to print media.

Disadvantages of Digital Journalism

As much as we would want to praise this type of news, it has its disadvantages.

Biasness and Fake news-when writing this news, the writers tend to sway on a certain side. This inhibits the truth from reaching the intended audience. This is the case, especially with political news blogs. Some are even bribed. On the other hand, news blogs spread fake information. Internet killings are rampant. You will wake up to the news of the death of a certain celebrity, only to realize later that it was a hoax.

Unemployment-The online sites are growing popular as days go by. This leaves the print media(newspapers) with less audience. This, in turn, leads to workers getting laid off at the newspaper printing presses to cut on costs.

Teardrop Flags and Online News Blogs

The sole aim of many business entities is to make profits. With the online news agencies, it is not different. They seek to earn through the traffic created by readers. That is the reason some publish fake news. However, a good approach to getting good audience base would be to promote their brands. They ought to have open days where they educate people on how to access their news. On these days, teardrop flags would be an ideal method of spreading the word. As it stands, these flags speak volumes as they are attractive cosmetically, pass the message effectively, and also they are a cheap means of advertisement. Online news agencies should also engage social responsibilities such as sponsoring tournaments in different communities.

E-Teardrop flags are an important aspect considering that we are talking of online news blogs. They could seize this opportunity by creating colorful flags having links to their blogs. This way, many people will be lured into the sites.

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