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We Asked Runners: How Do You Entertain Yourself On Runs?

What more motivation do you need?

1. "If I'm running with my dog, I'll growl or bark at him. It makes him run faster, and then I have to run faster to keep up with him." —Erica S.

2. "I'll follow other runners. Just don't get busted." —Johanna

3. "I downloaded an app that makes it feel like you're running from zombies." —Kirun K.

4. "Sometimes I try to guess the names of the people/dogs I see." —Tara

5. "I'll plan out a route that spells something on my map when I'm done.'" —Ben

6. "I'll make a short playlist of rap songs I want to memorize and then listen to it over and over again." —Dan B.

7. "On long runs, I'll call everyone in my family and say, 'I can't really talk, so please tell me every single detail about your day.'" —Tara P.

8. "I store up all my big thinking for my run so I don't have to focus on it during the day and can really go over things." —Dana P.

9. "I'll make up these intense daydreams where I'm in an action movie and then pretend I'm running on some important mission." —James L.

10. "I listen to comedy or true-crime podcasts. My runs consist of me either laughing maniacally or seething at some miscarriage of justice." —Jo S.

11. "I'll improvise entire musicals in my head." —Kirk D.

12. "My friends and I have a longstanding weekend run followed by brunch. There is no better motivation for runs than a mimosa and bacon." —Hannah C.

13. "I'll change up my running route. I get to discover things at a slow (but not too slow) pace, and it keeps me from getting bored." —Eileen C.

How do you entertain yourselves on your runs? Let us know in the comments!

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