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7 Times 2016 Made You Say WTF

and the year ain't over yet

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Ok I think it's safe to say that 2016 has been one hell of a year, it has gone by fast but there are some moments we can't quite forget....and the year's not even over yet. There have been countless amount of times where we all were thinking wtf. So here are a few of my favourites.

1. Damn Daniel

thePHAZEOut / Via

Am I the only one that was confused when a high school boy recording his friend saying 2 words became a viral video that landed them on the Ellen Show???

This is a major wtf moment for 2016...

damn daniel you famous as hell, teach us your ways

2. Pokemon Go

Gaze Meow / Via

Soooo I am all for video games and I love the concept of this one but really?

Who was the genius behind this idea that thought "ha ha lets put a pokemon riiight here in this impossible but possible, if you cross 8 lanes of on coming, potentially life threatening traffic, and see how many idiots we can catch on tape"

wtf is right

3. Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna

E! Entertainment / Via

I have to admit I was shocked when I first heard the 2 were dating, but then when people started talking about her being pregnant and then an engagement...I thought surely these have to be your typical rumours...but ooooh no it was all true.

While we're all over here saying wtf she's thinking look at me now bitches

4. Kanye X Taylor Swift

Laurbudd / Via

A lot of people are saying this was the moon landing of our generation. The hashtag #kimexposedtaylor and #taylorswiftisoverparty blew up on all social media platforms. People went crazy for this drama and took it so far that someone actually threw a party for taylor swift being over.

5. Donald Drumpf

neogaf / Via

Ok this is probably the biggest WTF moment of 2016....

when Donald Trump was still running for president.

I think everyone was pretty sure his announcement was a huge joke but then 2016 hit and this idiot was still running...

wtf isn't even enough to describe this.

Lets make Donald Drumpf again!


CNN / Via

This is a really sad wtf moment when the happily ever after came to an more brangelina *insert crying emoji*

Although we were all very heartbroken to hear this tragic news with the most perfect couple in Hollywood, what did we really know about brangelina?? I think we all created this fairytale idea of them in our heads when in reality we didn't know much besides the smiles we saw on the red carpets.

7. Kim Kardashian

People / Via

This is the most recent wtf moment but also the scariest. Kim Kardashian being tied up at gunpoint and robbed has left us all feeling scared and uneasy. I think its crazy that she is being blamed for the cause of this. Yes she does flaunt her money in all of our faces with million dollar rings and name brand clothes but wouldn't you if you were worth 40 million dollars?

And there you have it, 7 crazy times we all said wtf and the year ain't over yet! Can't wait to see what's in store for the rest of 2016

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