Which Member Of The USC Outhaüs Are You?

Are you a Ricky, a Grace, or more of a Brooke?

  1. 1. You come home drunk as fuck after a night out. What do you do?
    1. Via Google
      Eat as much as you can stuff in your mouth and pass the fuck out.
    2. Via Google
      Clean the fucking kitchen.
    3. Via Google
      Attempt to carve a tattoo onto your toe with a large kitchen knife.
  2. 2. Which picture speaks to you the most?
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    2. Via Google
    3. Via Google
  3. 3. Which of these is your go-to snack?
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    2. Via Google
      Grated parmesan cheese
    3. Via Google
      Saltines. Just saltines.
  4. 4. What's your relationship status?
    1. Via Google
    2. Via Google
      Ice cream.
    3. Via Google
      In a committed relationship (in which we have a lot of sex and generally wreak havoc)
  5. 5. Why are you taking this quiz?
    1. I have nowhere else to turn
    2. Quizzes are my kink
    3. Fuck you, I don’t have to answer that
  6. 6. What time do you normally wake up in the morning?
    1. On time. Every time.
    2. After six alarms - no more, no less.
    3. Whenever the fuck I feel like it.
  7. 7. One last thing: how was your week?
    1. I’m stressed for no apparent reason.
    2. I had some great sex and tripped on acid.
    3. I worked 10,000 consecutive hours.

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