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9 Things We Expected By Age 20

You're only young once...right?

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Growing up we all had ideas of what we would be like by the time we were 20. You knew who you wanted to be and what experiences you would inevitably have! But did you end up having those moments you always imagined?

1. To Be Totally Known


So I'm just going to assume that the reason I wasn't cool in school was because I never got a chance to be in a choreographed musical. Like that's the reason right?! High School Musical DID say we were all in this together! Man the cool kids probably sang without us...*sigh*

2. Glow Ups DO Exist!

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I'm going to blame movies for this one too. Because come on? Like who decided it was normal for thirty-year olds to play high schoolers?! We all expected guys to have amazing abs and girls to be insanely fashionable. Instead there were braces and awkward looking people everywhere. 'Tis a shame!

3. Super Duper Talented / Via

So talent takes work? Huh. Yeahhh that explains a lot actually. People did always wonder why their child prodigy status never came...apparently you need to actually try to get that, bleck! Good thing I can whistle. Well actually it's more just the sound of air, but that's close!

4. Loveeeeeeeee

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Were you as single as a pringle? Or as taken a piece of bacon? Umm not really sure if there was a rhyme for being in a relationship. But maybe that's because saying you were dating already sounded cooler than pringles. Damn pringles.

5. Road Trip Singing

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Friends, singing, and endless adventure ahead! What summer bucket list was ever complete without the epic addition of "going on a road trip" being added? It was a staple. It was the plan that was always in the works. And if you ever went on one then you knew people would be totes jealous of your independence, win win!

6. Concert Time Is All The Time

Twenty One Pilots / Via Pinterest

O. M. G. IT'S YOUR FAVORITE BAND! Tickets? ✓ Squad? ✓ Getting there ridiculously early just in case? ✓✓! Now let's see how loud you can really sing and maybe, just maybe, eye contact will be made..GASP!

8. College Will Be The BEST


So even if you weren't planning on going to college you did still plan to have the experience at least! Like for realsies, if you can't actually make it then you are going to fake it. Yay to freedom and parties! That's basically what college is anyways right...LOL

9. Knowing What We Want


20. Two and a zerooooo. Hmm. So wasn't there supposed to be some moment where, I don't know, life was supposed to feel put together or have some kind of purpose? We've all imagined what we want to do when we "grow up" but then the time comes to choose and the mind just goes blank! Damn mind. Maybe it's a sign petting animals will be my calling.

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