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Who Needs A Human President When There Are Dogs And Cats?

Two animal rescues in North Carolina are setting out to rescue all of us from the insanity of human politics - and it's pawsitively adorable.

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Forgotten Felines of Forsyth is an NPO in Winston-Salem, NC that runs a Trap-Neuter-Return program for feral cats. They have joined forces with another Winston-Salem based organization, Stepping Stones Canine Rescue, to hold a mock election: Pet President.

DemoCAT William is said to be so clever that old dogs come to him to learn new tricks, and he's running on a platform to make universal vet care accessible to all cats. His slogan is "Let's FIX This Nation".

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Gotta fix and feed those patriots!

RePUPlican Ribbons was abandoned at a shelter in Nash County, NC as a puppy, and runs on a platform of shelter reform. Her slogan is "Let's Make Adoption Great Again".

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Gotta kiss those babies!

But just because they're super cute doesn't mean that they're not super ruthless....

Ribbons' campaign released a smear ad last week attacking William's stamina and commitment...

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Although, something tells me those nice people didn't really mind being trapped inside their house.

But Ribbons had a rather ruff weekend after William's campaign capitalized on some of Ribbons' personal indiscretions...

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In a statement, Ribbons says she never heard anyone tell her "no".

Oh DemoCATS and RePUPlicans, what did we do to deserve you? Best of luck William and Ribbons!

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