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Which Member Of Barret 308 Are You?

How did you spend your finals week?? Find out which member of Barrett 308 Study Room u embody most!

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  1. You have a paper due on Friday.. when do u start??

    day of & 500 words under the minimum
    what's another all nighter amirite lmao
    write a rough draft on Tuesday, go and see my teacher about it on Wednesday, final edits on Thursday
    tbh i've been working on this script thing for my theater class all week and it seems pretty dope
    i have literally never written a paper before so i try to start it a couple days early but just stare @ my blank laptop for 12 hours and give up & write it the night before
    I can crank out 10 pages in 2 hours so probs the day of
    does a group lab report count?? if so it takes 4 days because my group is full of idiots
    my paper on grammar takes me a couple days to write only because I keep messing up my sentence diagram :-//
    lmao i start the day before it's due and it takes 24+ hours to finish because I couldn't focus if my life depended on it
  2. Favorite Study Snack

    those frosted animal cracker things (but tbh I will literally eat anything u have)
    Strawberry ho-ho things
    I smell my essential oils when I get hungry
    wait we have snacks?
    Swedish fish
    I brought fancy popcorn & healthy snacks but then was forced to try cheeseballs and now I'm addicted
    any leftover snacks still available at 1am
  3. You're stressed out and need a break... what do you do?

    go to see a ballet with my buddies
    hang out with my boyfriend ;)
    I am perpetually stressed and only take breaks to cry & feed my fish
    turn in for the night early & go to sleep at 7pm
    go to gym and run 5 miles
    disappear for 3 days without communicating with anyone at all
    watch an episode or two of Survivor
    listen to Carly Rae Jepsen because she just gets me
    run a marathon
  4. Biggest Finals Week catastrophe??

    my laptop broke & also i found out about a voice final 15 min before & also i think i failed every single final :))))))
    *paper due at midnight* *starts at 10pm*
    bio bio bio bio bio bio bio bio bio bio
    honestly this was the easiest finals week I've ever had I'm not even that stressed
    the nightmare that was my calculus 2 final (srsly what is an integral)
    i had to watch 3 movies in one night :O
    we ran out of cheeseballs for the 3rd time and no one is talking to me bc they're all being productive so :(
    12 page history paper I had to write on Mormenism
    i have learned absolutely nothing in the last 12 months of orgo and it will all b on this final and honestly i'm just hoping this curve is generous
  5. you're in an unproductive mood & want to distract everyone else in the room... what are you talking about??

    I proceed to use my dream dictionary to analyze everyone's dream & also try to convince everyone they should go see a psychic
    show everyone that if u stick ur headphones up your nose your mouth will act as a speaker *blasts Justin Bieber*
    my hot Colombian future husband who I have yet to meet
    dog videos.. lots of dog videos
    i will literally talk about anything as long as it means I don't have to do my work
    some foreign film I'm watching that has a very deep and meaningful plot but is also kinda scary at some parts
    how cool it is that my dad and i go to Bonaroo with each other every year
    how I wish I could take the American Cheese Society final instead of the American Chemical Society final
    spilling to the group about my hot long distance boyfriend who i've been imessaging on my laptop this whole time
  6. finals week attire??

    i've been wearing the same t-shirt & nike shorts all week & there's cheeseball dust stained onto my skin
    15 layers of mismatching attire bc it's so cold outside & i'm from florida (wheres the sunshine????)
    I dress up when I have a test to take bc it gives me the confidence I need but on every other day I'm probs in my gym clothes bc I just came from working out
    normal librarian attire
    black jeans and a black sweater to match my soul
    i just threw something on i probs don't match
    i channel my inner Galeria and always look like a stylish & hip boss lady
    jeans & cute top & hair lookn perfect & probs some cute lil boots to complete the look
    athletic attire is literally all i own
  7. Whats your place on the productivity pyramid??

    bottom row for life
    I pride myself on being the least productive of them all
    I am for sure the most productive of them all but have only made it to the top once ????
    the only time I was on the top was when it was my birthday... otherwise normally on 2nd or last row... i aint worried tho
    I strive to be the best I can be every day of finals week which has resulted in me being 1st or 2nd most days.. i'm so proud of the hard work everyone is doing though! :-)
    I will fight u for that top slot but also sometimes I get distracted and fall short :-//
    probs somewhere in the middle ??
    2nd row for life but one time I was at the top SO TAKE THAT SUCKAAAAAAS
    eh idk i didn't even know we had a productivity pyramid
  8. Your contribution to the study room whiteboard???

    beautiful artsy huge christmas tree u spent a lot of time on
    "remember kids... Jesus was a Jew"
    ugly charlie brown christmas tree
    a small corner of biology definitions written in tiny font
    a PSA about how people need to pick up their trash
    making sure Babe of the Day (most productive) and Baby of the Day (least productive) is updated daily
    a detailed chart of whats the lowest I can make on a final to pass the class
    "meep in da house" with an arrow pointing to myself
    organic chemistry reactions written in various corners of the board
  9. how many times did u cry during finals week?

    lmao lost count
    uhh a lot of times bc cumulative finals r the worst
    like 4 times but i disguised it in laughing so maybe people didn't notice??
    never bc i am not stressed at all and my essential oils rlly help
    probs like a healthy amount bc im put together
    only once bc of how done i was with Mormons
    i shed a single tear bc of the cold but other than that never bc i'm more of a laugher
    eh probs at least once during my orgo final
    i only cried when i thought back to the traumatic logic final i fell asleep during last year
  10. how many times did u sleep on the flotation device?

    lost count tbh
    twice during times of desperation when i needed a nap
    i slept on it one night but that was a low point for me so i dont wanna talk about it
    only for power naps
    i studied on there does that count
    for an hour during every all nighter (don't ask how many times)
    never bc i am responsible
    never bc i am responsible
    never bc i am kinda responsible
  11. Lynx Bucks status??

    my friend didn't know she had lynx bucks so she has $100 so i'm set dude
    i ran out back in september so i have been desperately mooching off of literlaly anyone who will donate to a needy cause
    my mom is gonna b pissed when she sees my credit card bill lmao #cofeeislife
    coffee is bad for the spirit so i stick to my herbal tea i make for myself (so i probs hve lynx bucks left???)
    i have $32.45 left, anyone want anything??
    i blew it all on venti coffees in the Middle Ground i'm still thrivin tho
    i'm out so ima just take 3 cups of coffee from the rat bc that shit is FREE
    *strategically makes $10.50 last all finals week*
    idk ??

Which Member Of Barret 308 Are You?

You got: Caroline!

You come in & out of the study room at your leisure and have had a pretty lax finals week. You've seen a ballet, watched multiple movies, and made As on your Film & Search finals. You've suffered through the Memphis winter and happily on your way back to the Florida sunshine now!! u go girl

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You got: Merit!

You were the Baby of the Day more times than you care to admit.. you somehow managed to finish all of your papers even though you only put in about 2 hours of actual work each day. You recieved plenty of coffee despite having run out of lynx bucks back in September. You love every and all study snacks and downed a whole tub of cheeseballs by yourself. You always looked stylish and contributed to almost every conversation. You got plenty of sleep and even had time to teach lil kids about Jewish stuff!!

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You got: Isabel!

You were in the study room more than most and dedicated at least 10 hours a day to solid studying each day. You only had 5 major breakdowns during finals week which you deem an accomplishment considering your computer was broken for most of the week. You drowned your sorrows in cheeseballs, Panera, and Chick-fil-A, & coffee from the middle ground that you charged to your credit card. Your sleeping habits were rough, only sleeping about 2 hours a night (the flotation device became ur best friend) and only returning to your room to feed your fish, Rosemary. U thought you failed every single final & yet somehow ended up with all As bc u are literally the smartest cookie on this planet! Congrats!

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You got: Lydia

This finals week was pretty lax for you but u still spent a decent amount of time in the study room with ur palz! U analyzed people's dreams, contributed essential oils to those who were stressed, and celebrated ur birthday with espresso shots & german studying (probs). Sometimes u stayed up late but other times u went to sleep at 7pm.. making everyone else in the room extremely jealous!! You still got ur shiggity done & even wrote a play!! we r so proud of u!

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You got: Ellie!

You were easily the most productive out of the whole bunch and often hid in a corner with headphones in to avoid distraction and concentrate on Biology. At first you were hesitant to try cheeseballs but they soon changed your life for the better. That didn't stop you from going to the gym every day and making sure you went to sleep at a decent hour every night (except for that time u slept on the flotation device all night.. its okay we've all been there). I'm sure your model boyfriend is very proud of u for surviving Bio, Calc 2, and for writing that Search paper despite being a "terrible writer"... we're proud of u 2!!!!!!!

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You got: Ellen!

You were dedicated to making the study room as homey as possible even though you were MIA for a solid 3 days during finals week. You contributed to the snack stash by bringing a bucket of almonds that no one touched all week, except for you. Your roughest night was when you had that 12 page paper due on Mormonism but u survived while looking put together literally the entire week! Also u have a very cool dad... You go girl!

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You got: Elizabeth!

You switched between Baby and Babe of the Day throughout the week & spent a ridiculous amount of time in the study room & on the flotation device. U somehow finished all those papers on grammar & other english stuff & also failed at convicing people Carly Rae Jepsen was a legitimate musician. U contributed to the group with your 15 lb bag of swedish fish & poorly drawn Charlie Brown tree, & that slightly weird but cool headphone trick! Nice!

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You got: Beca!

You spent a lot of time in the study room but balanced it out by taking naps, watching Survivor, and eating your favorite strawberry ho hos that everyone thought was disgusting. You had a healthy level of productivity and distractedness throughout the week, spent your last $10 of lynx bucks wisely by drinking lots of rat coffee and strategically planning when to take espresso shots!! ur future Colombian husband is so proud that u survived calculus 2 & so r we!

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You got: Liz!

You spent the least amount of time in the study room and were pretty productive when you were in there. You normally made it to bed at a normal hour. That lab report was the worst but luckily ur a smart cookie and made sure ur group didn't suffer bc of their idiocy. Organic Chem was your hardest final but you survived girl.. maybe now you can join the American Cheese Society (way better than the other ACS amiright)

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