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    30 Wayfair Products That’ll Make You Think, “Yup, I’m Overhauling My Backyard This Spring”

    These sweet finds will help get your yard towards the masterpiece you know it can be.

    1. An outdoor ceiling fan because who doesn't want a nice breeze on demand? With its beautiful ribbed leaf design, it'll feel like you're being fanned with a palm leaf Roman-style (grapes and chaise not included).

    The brown fan hanging from a porch ceiling

    2. A stylish pergola to give you some modular shade, a bit of enclosure to your yard (without being as bulky as a gazebo), and an opportunity to say "it's actually called a pergola" which is scientifically proven to be one of the most fun words to say.

    A reviewer photo of the pergola in a backyard

    3. A tufted chaise cushion because why stand when you could sit, and why sit when you can lie down? With these absolutely GORG cushions, your chaise will help you conserve your vital energies as well as provide you with a pretty little spot to snooze outdoors.

    striped chaise cushion on lounge chair

    4. A personalized garden sign to turn your herb garden into a more stately (and utterly adorable!!) affair. Every detail of this sign is pitch perfect — from the rich color options to the font and to the patinated accents and garden motifs.

    A reviewer photo of the personalized garden sign that reads "Jasmine's Garden"

    5. A string light curtain since nothing says "backyard fairy paradise where all my friends come over and we grill and project movies on a white bedsheet" quite like string lights. ;)

    String lights decorating a porch at night

    6. A pair of Acapulco chairs with a bright, festive color and fun hammock weave that just scream POOL PARTY! These stylish, durable chairs can brighten up any backyard or poolside they find themselves in.

    Two hammock weave chairs in orange

    7. A steel wood-burning firepit that's perfect for doing a bit of live-fire grilling, caramelizing marshmallows for the best S'mores ever, or simply toasting your toesies while watching the embers sparkle.

    the fire pit with a fire in it

    8. Or these citronella torches to help posh-up the typically overdone tiki vibe. These sleek torches can mesh with many backyard aesthetics and outlast their woven counterparts.

    Four lit torches in a yard

    9. A stylish gas grill that would pair nicely with a vintage jukebox and a trip to the malt shop. 😎 But this glossy grill isn't just a pretty face — it sports three burners and foldable side tables that'll make grilling a breeze.

    10. An iron arbor because who doesn't need an Instagrammable set piece in their yard? Like, if one of your friends wanted to propose to their long-time partner, you'd feel pretty embarrassed not having this gorgeous arbor — hopefully trellised with flowering ivy — there for the occasion.

    11. A garden stool which works just as well as backup seating as it does a cocktail table. Made from a lightweight concrete mixture, this table is not only actually portable but also built to last even when exposed to the elements.

    the grey hourglass shaped stool next to an outdoor chair with a drink and a book on top

    12. A cantilever outdoor umbrella so that the whole gang can have all the shade they need to without having to heave around umbrellas. The best part: the crank lift means that it's easy-peasy to set up and collapses down to a very manageable footprint when it's not needed.

    the tan umbrella casting shade over a brown outdoor table on a pool deck

    13. A 12-piece seating group for when you want to ditch the dining room and set out a nice app spread and drink station outside instead. And that's just one of the many times this easy-on-the-eyes outdoor set will come in handy!

    the dark wood and light cushioned set on a light outdoor rug with a matching umbrella

    14. A ash-looking privacy screen to give yourself a little privacy and a LOT of backyard swagger. These panels are modular, zero-fuss, and much more aesthetic than many other fence-type solutions.

    15. An Adirondack chair that'll give you the gift of some coastal vibes in your favorite place to chill. Made from 99 percent recycled plastics — aka stuff that would otherwise get tossed straight into a landfill — this update of the classic Adirondack survives the outdoors in a way that hardwood never could.

    16. A catio so your fur babies can enjoy the great outdoors, too! (or at least, the great backyard). With all the perch spots your feline loves combined with the securely shutting gate, this kitty jungle gym can keep your skittish cat feeling secure and your escape-artist cat contained.

    Reviewer's photo of the catio in use on a lawn in the color Gray

    17. And/Or an outdoor pet bed that can keep both Fido and Whiskers unbothered. Elevated. In their lane. Focused (on butterflies). Flourishing. The best part — the fabric on these beds is both highly washable and flea-and-tick-resistant!

    Dog relaxing on an outdoor pet bed

    18. An outdoor patio daybed because sometimes you want to share the luxurious comfort of a shaded daybed with someone special. Turn your backyard into a romantic resort — or take self-indulgence to the next level and treat your single-self to a king-size repose.

    brown outdoor patio daybed on reviewer's deck

    19. An oversized four-in-a-row game because few things spark as much joy as adult-sized kids games. Be real, wasn't this game the origin of half of our competitive streaks? Now in a larger, UV-resistant outdoor format, you and your besties can all show off your skills and try to capture the middle space!

    Three people playing the 4-in-a-row game

    20. Or a giant block stacking game to find out how ~balanced~ you or your friends really are. Easy to set up and even easier to break down — this game will have guests of all ages testing their dexterity.

    Two people playing the wooden block stacking game

    21. A stylish swing chair for those who want to rock without a rocking chair — and who want to be able to curl up a little extra. This wicker/rattan number is easy, breezy, AND beautiful!

    An empty hanging egg chair with cushions on a pink outdoor rug, beside a potted plant and a glass of drink

    22. A double chaise that is the wheel deal when it comes to comfort. 😝 But seriously, this chaise's extra-wide design and split back adjustment makes parallel lounging a dream or solo lounging an indulgence.

    white double chaise on patio

    23. A freestanding porch swing with a canopy to swing with a friend or two in the comfort of the shade. Think about it — when was the last time you swung with two of your best friends at once? Revive the childhood whimsy of the playground and protect yourself from the sun at the same time!

    the dark green freestanding porch swing on a decorated porch

    24. A solid wood table and benches that will bring a bit of a slatted MCM feel to your outdoor dining situation. Made of durable, weather-resistant acacia wood, this set is built to stand the test of time and look great while doing it.

    the medium wood table and benches on a beige rug in a decorated porch space

    25. An indoor/outdoor folding chair that's decidedly NOT the last-resort seating that most folding chairs amount to. In fact, with its curvilinear design and woven fabric seat and back, it might just become your first-resort seating.

    gray folding chairs on patio

    26. A woven two-person set for a cozy nook in the yard to get a bit of one-on-one time. This breezy, hand-woven wicker set brings a bit of organic elegance and comfort to your backyard and will help you get that resort feel all back-yarders covet.

    the tan wicker set with black cushions

    27. A greek goddess lawn statue to really up the romanesque ante in your backyard paradise. If you're looking to go for gold here, what could be more serene and timeless than a walk amongst your own personal sculpture garden? PS: If you already have a grotto, this is the finishing touch you've been looking for.

    Statue of a draped female figure in a garden, posing with one arm above her head

    28. A posh colonial bird house so that you're not the only one enjoying your outdoor space. In fact, this beautiful little bird home is rendered in such exquisite detail, you may feel more like you have neighbors than just feathered friends!

    Birdhouse resembling a miniature Victorian-style house with decorative trim and flowers

    29. A weather-resistant accent table to get the curve trend securely landed in your backyard before the whole world catches up. This beautiful number is comfortable inside and out, and its ribbed, tapered design catches the eye without sticking out.

    Outdoor patio setting with a coffee table, sofa, and decorative plants. No persons in image

    30. And, a tiled patio side table which is perfect for capturing a bit more of a Mediterranean feel just in time to get sun-kissed while tanning. I mean really — can you think of a better table to rest your Aperol spritz or basil and cucumber-laden iced tea? Thought not. 😏

    Mosaic-tiled round table with wrought-iron legs, placed on a wooden deck next to plants

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