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    If Your Bathroom Is Begging For Some Improvements, These 25 Lowe’s Products Will Help

    Your WC never looked so luxe.

    1. An LED vanity mirror for those of us who want a bit of Bladerunner in our morning routine. This high-tech vanity has built-in outlets, a sleek aluminum frame, and adjustable brightness and color temperature bulbs to test your look for a variety of lighting conditions!

    the LED mirror in a bathroom

    2. And a modern LED globe sconce that adds some minimal art deco to any bathroom that it finds itself in. One lamp can make a wall a statement, but two can turn a vanity into a designer affair.

    3. A towel warmer to turn your morning routine into a luxury retreat. With enough room to handle a few towel sizes (and, even, a robe!!!) you can drape yourself in a soft, steaming towel morning, noon, and night. Seriously, imagine being grumpy in a hot towel... impossible.

    model pulling a towel out of the warmer

    4. A cotton bath mat for keeping those toesies warm and dry after sudsing up! This high-pile and oh-so-soft bath mat is as snuggly as it is quick-drying.

    a green cotton bath mat

    5. Or, if a cloth bath mat just isn't for you, a solid wood teak bathmat made of sustainably harvested wood. Complete with rubber-gripping feet and style for days, it's sure to zhuzh up any bathroom.

    A teak wood bath mat

    6. A pair of minimal wall sconces that can add a huge dose of woah to a run-of-the-mill bathroom. If your space could use a bit of Architectural Digest energy, look no further than these!

    the minimal wall scones that look like illuminated black lines

    7. A self-adhering palm motif wallpaper for the ones who are wild at heart. 🌿❤️🐯 This easy-to-install, easy-to-remove DIY wallpaper is great for any space where a bit of playful maximalism is in order.

    Green foliage wallpaper in a living room

    8. An above-counter basin because is there anything more luxurious than scooping water from a basin to splash in your face in the morning? Just me?? The elegant, raised wall design means no more water splatter on your bathroom counter — even if you start doing some morning facial cold plunges.

    the above the counter basin

    9. A square matte black shower faucet with a gorgeous matte finish and striking angular elements for the person with modern as their middle name. It's no slob in terms of water pressure, either! With a built-in valve to protect you from sudden water temperature changes (anyone else have a sink or toilet that, if used, will betray whoever's in the shower?) this faucet is much more than just a pretty face.

    the matte black shower faucet and handle

    10. A unique oval storage mirror for when square feels... well, too square. Enjoy your reflection in an oval for a change, and enjoy the ample storage hidden out of sight.

    11. A hanging shower caddy because having all your shower items on the floor is a recipe for disaster. Plus, do you really wanna see that much chaos first thing in the morning? If you're struggling to find a solution, here's a handy one that looks great, requires no installation, and won't break the bank.

    the shower caddy hanging with bar soap, a sponge, and bottles on it

    12. A double curved shower curtain rod that isn't just a bathroom fashion statement. Keeping your liner and curtain separated cuts down on the need for laundering, and the swooped design gives you so much more room for shower time. So if you tend to find yourself doing some interpretive dance or energetic shower karaoke, give yourself some extra elbow room!

    the curved double shower rod

    13. A beautiful maple wood bathtub caddy to slip into a bit of bathtime bliss and look great doing it. With its steam-bent wood design and slots for stemware (wink wink ;]), this bath tray will make it tempting to spend much more time in the tub.

    the wooden caddy over a bath tub

    14. A white vanity with a marble top since, like every room in a home, storage space is always an issue. If you find your current drawers insufficient, consider this sleek unit that comes with slow-close doors and a gorg marble top.

    the white under mount sink

    15. A ceramic bathroom accessories set because nothing beats the spa-like feel of cohesiveness in the bathroom. Complete with a soap tray, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, and oh-so-much more, this set will take your bathroom to Glamville at ninety miles per hour.

    the black accessories on a bathroom sink

    16. A bamboo over-the-toilet storage unit for those of us whose bathrooms are challenged in both the counter space and square footage departments. This handy unit can hold all your extra hand towels, TP, Q-tips, and more!

    the organizer over the toilet

    17. A metal accent towel holder to elevate your bathroom vibe and give your hand towels the royal treatment they deserve! Put your fancy towels here to keep them out of reach of your guests... (am I the only one who feels like fancy, not-to-be-used hand towels are kind of weird?) Anyway, it can also be a fancy TP roll holder. :)

    the gold hand towel holder hanging in the middle of double sinks

    18. A shower-friendly silicone toiletries organizer that comes with a fog-resistant mirror and excessively modish design. Give your toothbrush, razor, and any other toiletries a Christopher Nolan treatment and make your shower into a scene from Tenet... except hopefully less confusing.

    19. A nonelectric bidet featuring a no-plumb install, a universal fit, and boasting a number of water pressure levels that'll leave you feeling so fresh and so clean cleaaaan!

    Non-electric black and white bidet

    20. A white touchless trash can perfect for those of us whose hands are constantly full — looking at you, new parents — or anyone who just doesn't want to get too personal with their bathroom trashcan.

    the white trash can

    21. A pack of peel-and-stick backsplash tile to add a bit of character and color to an otherwise listless bathroom situation. With its ease of application and luxurious, variated color, you're sure to get a lot of compliments!

    Green backsplash behind a bathroom vanity

    22. A 2-in-1 detachable massage shower head for a spa-like experience in all the right places. This double-headed setup means you don't have to settle for just one stream of water — which means you'll leave the shower every day sparkling from head to toe.

    detachable shower head

    23. A six-piece Turkish cotton bath towel set just in case your towels are starting to look a little... threadbare. (A word that was probably invented to refer to old towels.) Maybe you just need a few extra towels, or maybe you want to start over fresh. These luxuriously plush towels will keep you super fly and super dry.

    the towel set in gray navy blue charcoal gray lavender and light blue

    24. A single-handle waterfall faucet if you're tired of living in a world where your handwashing doesn't include a waterfall of water. Me too! With its sleek matte exterior and wide-mouthed design, it'll bring a bit of stylish zen to any bathroom in need of some Ommmm.

    the black faucet

    25. And finally, a clear makeup organizer to stack all those Instagram and TikTok beauty finds in one snazzy little package. Its multi-sized compartments and translucent frame will help you channel your inner beauty influencer on the daily!

    the makeup organizer with cosmetics in it

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