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    The Absolute Best Place To Get Realism And Asian Style Tattoos In Toronto

    With tattoo shops popping up at every corner of the city, it’s safe to say that the body art scene in Toronto is burgeoning. These days, wearing tattoos has become so popular that it’s actually quite uncommon that there isn’t someone in your social circle that has one. Of course, the types of tattoos you might see vary quite a bit, since there’s as many people that wear many minimalistic pieces scattered around their “sleeves”, as there are detailed portraits on their backs.

    In Canada, styles such as realism and Asian style tattoos have grown tremendously in popularity over the last decade. Since relocating to Canada in 2012, following massive success around the world, Master Shark, the owner of Hon Tattoo, has been providing Toronto with the finest in pieces of realism, and Asian style tattoos. Starting his career at only 16 years old, Shark has been formally trained in the art form by his sensei, Master Sengmoon Kim, spending three years in a Buddhist temple properly learning to hand-draw stunning pieces of art in a diversity of Asian styles. He then went on to work in countries such as Japan and China, studying there the unique style and history of design from each country so as to master his craft, and become a more well rounded artist in Asian style tattoos, winning first place several times in the underground convention called Ink Ban in Korea along the way.

    Master Shark’s journey continued west, while he worked in places such as Italy and Los Angeles, and luckily for us in Canada, he’s now settled in Toronto. His brand, Hon Tattoo, continues to be the premier source of high quality realism and Asian style tattoos, and they have two locations in the GTA, one being in North York just south of Steeles on Yonge st, the other being in Markham. The parlours are both well-known and respected for their creative, custom designs, spotless facilities, and great value for good prices, and offer service in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Russian.

    Hon Tattoo also provides free consultations to discuss your ideas with your artist, and here they come up with an estimate for the time and price of your piece. Given Shark’s history as an artist, and the standard of quality that he holds his shop to, it goes without saying that after even a quick glance at the work of Master Shark and the artists at Hon Tattoo, it’s easy to be left completely speechless. Both the dazzling coloured Asian style pieces, as well as the black and grey works of realism are awe-inspiring.

    Check out some of their work below, and if you’ve been thinking about getting something of this style inked, look no further than Hon Tattoo. To book a consultation with them, just click here.