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    30 Lunar New Year Goodies You Can Get From API-owned Small Shops

    Time to put that LNY money to use 🤪🧧

    1. A pair of Red and Silver Handmade Lunar New Year earrings that are lightweight and can make one-of-a-kind gifts for those who love elegant and minimalistic jewelry.

    2. A Dimsum Factory Puzzle because what's Lunar New Year without getting Dim Sum with your fam? I personally feel like that's a MUST-DO like how you MUST DO this puzzle together!

    3. A Year of the Tiger (Weekly, 2022) Passion Planner that can help you track your goals, schedule your days, and note your memories.

    4. A Tiger Glitter Hard Enamel Pin that is excited to leap over the bed of glittery clouds and into your heart!

    5. A Mirror Glazed Red and Tiger Shaped Lunar New Year Cake that will be the talk of your family gatherings!

    6. A Candied Plum Scented Candle that will bring you back to when you ate Hua Mui (golden plum) drops on the daily.

    7. A Chibi Fish Crab Prawn Fish Adult Graphic T-Shirt that will let your family know you're serious about winning all the red envelope money and put your cousins to shame!

    8. A multilingual Year Of The Tiger Stationery Set that will make you smile as big as these tigers.

    9. A Custom Zodiac Animal Amigurumi Plushie so you can have a mini version of yourself holding lucky items!

    10. A Ugly-cute Orange Candle that will remind you of all the fruit trees your parents used to grow in your backyard.

    11. A cute Red Envelope Embroidered Sweatshirt that expresses one of the most exciting things about the Lunar New Year.

    12. A Saguaro Cactus in Chinese Porceline Pot of Tiger Postcard is perfect for sending New Year's wishes to your long-distance family.

    13. Cork-protected Gold and Black Tiger Coasters will add a beautiful shimmer to your tables.

    14. A Lunar New Year-themed Floral Arrangement that would make a perfect centerpiece for your family gathering.

    15. A Year of the Tiger Sticker to show off your Year of the Tiger pride.

    16. A Lunar New Year Snack Box to taste both new and nostalgic foods from around Asia.

    17. Lunar New Year Washi Tape to make your planner spreads extra lucky for the year.

    18. Featherweight wool Lunar New Year Scarves are the perfect accent pieces to any outfit.

    19. A Great Race Zodiac Lanyard that tells the story as well as your grandparents did.