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    30 Lunar New Year Goodies You Can Get From API-owned Small Shops

    Time to put that LNY money to use 🤪🧧

    1. A pair of Red and Silver Handmade Lunar New Year earrings that are lightweight and can make one-of-a-kind gifts for those who love elegant and minimalistic jewelry.

    2. A Dimsum Factory Puzzle because what's Lunar New Year without getting Dim Sum with your fam? I personally feel like that's a MUST-DO like how you MUST DO this puzzle together!

    3. A Year of the Tiger (Weekly, 2022) Passion Planner that can help you track your goals, schedule your days, and note your memories.

    4. A Tiger Glitter Hard Enamel Pin that is excited to leap over the bed of glittery clouds and into your heart!

    5. A Mirror Glazed Red and Tiger Shaped Lunar New Year Cake that will be the talk of your family gatherings!

    6. A Candied Plum Scented Candle that will bring you back to when you ate Hua Mui (golden plum) drops on the daily.

    7. A Chibi Fish Crab Prawn Fish Adult Graphic T-Shirt that will let your family know you're serious about winning all the red envelope money and put your cousins to shame!

    8. A multilingual Year Of The Tiger Stationery Set that will make you smile as big as these tigers.

    9. A Custom Zodiac Animal Amigurumi Plushie so you can have a mini version of yourself holding lucky items!

    10. A Ugly-cute Orange Candle that will remind you of all the fruit trees your parents used to grow in your backyard.

    11. A cute Red Envelope Embroidered Sweatshirt that expresses one of the most exciting things about the Lunar New Year.

    12. A Saguaro Cactus in Chinese Porceline Pot of Tiger Postcard is perfect for sending New Year's wishes to your long-distance family.

    13. Cork-protected Gold and Black Tiger Coasters will add a beautiful shimmer to your tables.