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35 LGBTQIA+-Owned Brands That Might Turn Into Your Favorite Shops

Treat yourself to some retail therapy 💅✨.

1. Wifi4dogs

2. Bokksu

Box of Hello Kitty themed snacks

3. Gentle Oriental

4. Ash + Chess

5. Good Light

6. Neatly Spiked

Cans of Neatly Spiked hard seltzers surrounded by football gear.

7. Nostalgia Coffee Roasters

Boxes or instant coffee

8. Monyee Art

9. Cocofloss

Box of smaller colorful boxes filled with cartons of floss.

10. Faceted Beauty

11. Tribini

Can of Tribini sitting next to glass of Tribini

12. Gan Doodles

Food and grocery themed art prints.

13. Catalina Cheng

14. Kokak Chocolates

Rainbow themed box with love and rainbow patterned chocolates.

15. KimChi Chic Beauty

16. The Peach Fuzz

17. Riskit Design

18. Goodonya

19. Ntrl by Sabs

20. Pop Pie Co.

21. Octopied Mind Inc.

22. Mlou The Artist

23. Scout

24. Okay Okay Company

25. Maev

Woman pouring Maev Raw Food into dog bowl next to dog.

26. Omsom

Bowls of noodle dishes surrounded by boxes of noodles.

27. Skull and Bones

28. Ality Designs

29. Mason Dixie Foods

30. Automic Gold

31. Pika Pika

32. One Nhillion

Starry Goldfish in a pile of other beach toys

33. Yummers

34. Fang

35. Explorer Cold Brew

Chai Variety Cold Brews surrounded by cups of coffee and breakfast foods.

My entire home and wardrobe are about to get an upgrade! Have you shopped at any of these before? Let me know in the comments!

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