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    Level Up Your Mid-Autumn Festival Experience With These 28 Irresistible Goodies From Asian-Owned Businesses

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all who celebrate 🥮🐇

    1. A pair of pearl white "Rabbits Making Mochi" earrings to add a little more festival flair to your outfit.

    A pair of pearl colored earrings featuring bunnies making mochi on the moon.

    2. A mooncake sampler with the most beautiful designs! It includes delicious flavors like black sesame, red bean, jasmine tea, and matcha.

    Four floral designed mooncakes on a plate

    3. A piggy mooncake sticker that looks so realistic, it'll could make anyone crave mooncakes.

    Hand holding glistening mooncake stickers with pig design.

    4. Scented mooncake-shaped candles to bring comforting smells *and* gorgeous design into your home. We'll take three, please!

    Matcha, yuzu, and lychee mooncake-shaped candles on white table.

    5. A mooncake phases art print so you can celebrate your love for mooncakes all year round.

    Mooncakes as different mooncake phases.

    6. A Moonglow Gift Set that is both a mooncake box AND a jewelry case.

    7. A set of hand-painted Sailor Moon-inspired nails to fight evil by moonlight and win love by daylight.

    Pink Sailor Moon-inspired nails on white background.

    8. A Lotad mooncake sticker because it's a fun little spin on your favorite anime and your favorite food.

    Lotad with mooncake topper sticker next to teapot.

    9. An eight-piece flaky mooncake set that are generously filled with the most delectably sweet fillings.

    Pink box filled with eight flaky mooncakes.

    10. A koi spirits fleece blanket to keep you warm when your partner eventually turns into the moon.

    Blue plush blanket with koi fish and moon designs.

    11. A rabbit keychain so you're sure to have a little friend with you at all the family gatherings.

    Various Holland Lop Rabbit Acrylic Keychains.

    12. A Konjac batter and baking mix to create your own delicious mooncakes and then brag to the family that you made it yourself.

    13. A Mid-Autumn Festival greeting card that pairs perfectly with any mooncake gift box.

    Greeting card featuring two mooncakes.

    14. A copy of the Kitsby x Kristina Cho: Coconut and Peanut Mochi Ball Kit + Cookbook to create sweet treats that resemble fluffy bunny tails.

    15. A "Bunny on the Moon" spiral sticker book so you can carry around your *very* impressive sticker collection everywhere you go. This will keep them safe and flat!

    Spiral sticker book featuring bunny sleeping on a crescent moon.

    16. A set of wagashi and mooncakes that'll add a little cuteness to your mooncake spread.

    Three mooncakes and three bunny shaped pastries in white box.

    17. A mooncake play kit feauturing a super cute lantern craft and molds to make mooncake-shaped Play-Doh. My inner child is healing!

    Contents of the Mooncake play kit on yellow background.

    18. A De Luna necklace to add a classy accessory to any of your outfits.

    19. A mooncake art print so you can share your love of mooncakes and all things Mid-Autumn Festival with your friends and family.

    Art print featuring mooncake being eaten at eat frame.

    20. A Moon Festival book and toy gift set that'll teach the young ones what the Moon Festival is all about.

    Blue box with toy bunny and "Our Moon Festival" book.

    21. A Mid-Autumn Festival dog bandana so your dog can be the most stylish pup at the family party.

    Mooncake patterned dog bandana on wooden stump.

    22. A beautiful White Rabbit candle with fragrance notes like rice paper, vanilla sugar, and creamy milk that will transport you right back to your childhood.

    White Rabbit Candy-themed scented candle on top of corresponding box surrounded by White Rabbit Candies

    23. The Kitsby All-Star mooncake box set that includes four aromatic flavors for the family to enjoy.

    Four mooncakes with the word Kitsby stamped across in a box.

    24. A ceramic snack plate to place all your mooncakes on to stylishly serve your guests. (Or yourself!)

    Blue ceramic snack plate holding mooncakes

    25. A Lucky Tummy Chinatown Treats wooden play set for when you're too full to eat but still want to have the yummy treats in the palm of your hand.

    26. A Red Bean scented candle to smell your favorite mooncake flavor even after you're done eating!

    Red Bean scented candle next to mooncakes

    27. This Moonlit Magic Box to snack on your favorite treats with your favorite friend: Hello Kitty!

    Hello Kitty themed Moonlit Magic Box

    28. These Moon Deck Playing Cards to play with your cousins during that family party downtime.

    Sailor Moon-themed deck of cards

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