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    32 Gift Ideas Just In Time For Diwali From South Asian–Owned Small Businesses

    People usually exchange sweets, dry fruit, or other gift items during Diwali as a token of regard, and these shops might have just the gifts you're looking for.

    Diwali, aka the Festival of Lights, is a holiday celebrated in India, where it's a shared holiday among Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists! It's also celebrated by the Indian diaspora, so several countries observe the fifth day of Diwali as a holiday. The holiday begins celebrations on Oct. 24, so here are some gift ideas that'll make your loved ones smile!

    1. Amaaya Jewelry

    2. Kola Goodies

    Milk tea on a table with assorted goodies

    3. MOR Collections

    4. Aavrani

    Dual cleansers from Aavrani

    5. Hyperbole Accessories

    6. The Cumin Club

    Founder of Cumin Club standing next to a table of products at a summit

    7. Every Girl Dolls

    8. GuruNanda

    Model holding Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil

    9. HoliCHIC

    Model wearing Holichic clothing

    10. Knead Some Love NY

    Rose pistachio cake donuts

    11. Mudita Earth

    Tube of exfoliating cleanser by Mudita Earth with a positive customer review

    12. Scrumptious Wicks

    Happy Diwali candle by Scrumptious Wicks

    13. Tanisi

    14. Yai's Thai

    Yai's Thai surrounded by food

    15. MyDecorify

    Founder of MyDecorify standing next to a table of products

    16. Amu Cherian

    Dual Pillows on a chair

    17. Desii Way

    Model wearing sweatshirt

    18. Ahista Tea

    Assortment of products from Ahista Tea

    19. Vichaar & Prem

    An assortment of visual stimulation cards for babies

    20. Masala Mama

    Jar of masala mama coconut curry

    21. Infusion Candle Co.

    Various candles from infusion candle co

    22. DADA Eats

    Samah Dada holding the cookbook

    23. House of Timepass

    24. Mango and Marigold Press

    Mango and Marigold Press CEO holding the Let's Celebrate Diwali book

    25. Desi Paws

    26. Brooklyn Delhi

    Curry ketchup and curry mustard from Brooklyn Delhi

    27. In Kidz

    The Guatemala Box from In Kidz

    28. Arjuna Design Studio

    Assortment of products from Arjuna Design Studio

    29. Introspectively Styled

    Founder of Introspectively Styled wearing a "Self Pyar" top

    30. Kulture Khazana

    Rangoli Mandala Circular Floor Puzzle from Kulture Khazana

    31. Diaspora Co.

    Tandoori masala from Diaspora Co

    32. Modi Toys

    Assortment of plush toys

    See anything you like? Comment below, and feel free to give a shoutout to your favorite South Asian–owned small businesses for everyone to check out!