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    40 South Asian–Owned Businesses With The Best Diwali Gift Ideas

    During Diwali, it's customary for people to exchange tokens of regard like sweets, dry fruits, and other gift items, and these shops may have just the perfect gifts.

    Diwali, aka the Festival of Lights, is a holiday celebrated in India, where it's a shared holiday among Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists! Several countries observe the fifth day of Diwali as a holiday, and celebrations begin on Nov. 12, so here are some South Asian-owned businesses with gift ideas that'll make your loved ones smile!

    1. Spice Girl Kitchen

    2. DesiiWay

    3. Amaaya Jewelry

    4. Kola Goodies

    Special Edition Latte Kit on red background

    5. Kulture Khazana

    6. The Chutney Life

    Cover of The Chutney Life on top of bowls of food

    7. Our Place

    Golden Fry Set drying food

    8. Diaspora Co.

    9. Hyperbole Accessories

    10. CraftyRxMama

    11. Modi Toys

    Diwali Gift Bundle with Baby Ganesh

    12. The Tailor Tails

    13. Home Bound Custom Decor

    14. Daybird

    15. Navaa

    16. Samreens Vanity

    Kolachi Nights Gel Eyeliner and Kolachi Nights Intense Black Liquid Eyeliner leaning on granite wall

    17. Maalicious

    18. Rita Gandhi, Author

    Ramayana for Kids and Bhagavad Gita for Kids books with quote above

    19. Indē Wild

    20. Chaa Latte

    Four models wearing Chaa Latte clothes

    21. Hamesha Project

    Bandhani Natural Dye Kit laid out on white table

    22. NÜR

    23. Infusion Candle Co.

    Lavender candle with saying "Happy Diwali" on orange fabric

    24. MyDecorify

    25. Gulab Jewelry

    26. Merakhi

    27. House of Amu

    28. Goldstories

    29. Ranavat

    the Royal Trio Bestsellers set with a skincare cream, hair serum, and skin serum

    30. Brightland

    Brightland’s infused olive oils with special artist-designed labels in petite, easy-to-share sizes

    31. Aavrani

    Aavrani Everyday Nourishing Duo set with an oil cleanser and hydra-cream

    32. Tinted Heritage

    33. Nath Jewelry

    34. Ahista Tea

    Three canisters of tea celebrating Diwali

    35. Cookilicious

    Cookbook cover of "The Essential Vegan Indian Cookbook"

    36. Nayana Design Studio

    37. Matara Studio

    38. Kulfi Beauty

    39. The Chai Box

    Chocolate Bourbon biscuits next to classic Chai blends and Chai Concentrate

    40. Desi Diwali

    Holiday Halloween Valentine Party Christmas Diwali Projector Light

    See anything you like? Comment below, and feel free to give a shoutout to your favorite South Asian–owned small businesses for everyone to check out!