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14 Queer Asian-Owned Small Businesses You're Going To Fall In Love With

Let's celebrate and support queer AAPI-owned small businesses year round!

We hope you love the Asian queer-owned small businesses we recommend! BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales and/or compensation from some of the links on this page, but we always feature businesses we love and stand behind. We would like to encourage you to shop small and support your local businesses, whether it's buying a gift card, purchasing their merchandise, or liking/sharing/commenting on their social media channels!

1. Faceted Beauty

2. Stitchmonger

3. MegEmikoArt

4. My Little Plums

5. Passion Planner

6. GRRRL Spells

7. Rebirth Garments

8. Sonny's Cookie

9. Good Light Beauty

10. OMG Sportswear

11. Boy Smells

12. The Gaysian

13. Syro


What are some of your favorite Asian LGBTQ+–owned small businesses? Leave them in the comments below and they might get featured on a future post. 😉

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