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21 Wardrobe Staples For Every '00's Girl Who Swore By Abercrombie & Fitch

"I need the logo to be visible, or I don't really want it."

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3. Too Short, Torn Denim Shorts

adrisnyder / Via

How you styled it: You made sure your pockets were visible so people could see just how short your shorts really were. You lived on the edge.

6. Winter Coats with Fur

lisaissupercool / Via

How you styled it: With your snow pants... although they clashed a bit. At least the top half of you was looking good. The fur was your favorite part.

8. Graphic Logo Tees

How you styled it: With your too short A&F shorts that had moose printed all over them. You really wanted to see how many times you could have their logo on a singular outfit.

11. Corduroy Pants

luisxv2011 / Via

How you styled it: With a flowy peasant top. You wanted to distract people from the corduroy. You weren't actually that big of a fan of corduroy, but it had the moose logo, hence, you wore it.

15. Ribbed Tank Tops

How you styled it: These tanks were a staple in your wardrobe. The tanks with lace were great to have peeking out from under your logo tees, and the tanks without lace were great for wearing on their own with jeans. SO chic.

16. Bootcut Jeans (bonus if they had paint splatters)

vintageusajeans / Via

How you styled it: These pants were your go-to. You would wear them to sleep if you could. But mostly, you would wear them with your favorite halters.

17. Strapless Halters

puravidaticos / Via

How you styled it: If you were feeling like showing a lot of skin you'd wear them with a mini. But on days where your mom told you to dress modestly, you wore them with your bootcut jeans.

21. Logo Hoodies

cupcakequeen37 / Via

How you styled it: If you were feeling lazy you wore it with sweat pants, but it looked just as cute with a nice pair of patched jeans. Either way, you looked great because the logo was BIG and bold.

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