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3 Ways To Level Up Your Nutella Skills

Show them off on National Nutella Day Feburary 5th. RE: BUZZFEED FOOD APPLICATION

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1. Nutella Hot Chocolate

Elizabeth / Via

I just started making this during the winter months and it is heavenly. Add a pinch cayenne pepper to give it just a bit of a kick. Top it off with whip cream or marshmallows of course.

2. 4 Ingredient Nutella Cookies

Kirbie / Via

These are awesome. Simple, yet satisfies the warm chocolate craving that we all desire and love.

Tip: Make them fully loaded cookies by adding chopped up hazelnuts and mini chocolate chips.

3. Nutella French Toast Rolls

Desi / Via

Besides my cup of jo' in the morning, I would definitely roll out of bed for this one (pun very much intended)

Tip: Add some bananas or strawberries. Or be a wild child and add both just to say you did have some fruit for breakfast.

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