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Which Member Of RJ Are You (Part 2)

Yea Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii #NoBoundaries

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  1. You...

    Put your boy before your girls
    Hook up with anyone with a penis
    Treat your bf like shit the first time around but then somehow get him back
    Are a ghost until you throw up everywhere at a party, and then you just become hated by the school
    Hold mad grudges
    Lie and try to hide the fact that you hooked up with people because you are an embarrassed hoe
    Are demanding and controlling in relationships which causes people to feel liberated after they break up with you
  2. What do you have to look forward to

    Not college because all you do is sleep and smoke
    Marrying your best friend because you are secretly lovers but you can't admit it
    Actually fitting in size 4 jeans instead of just lying about it
    Blue-balling another boy because you can't get him to squirt fast enough
    Having a relationship with a boy before you even kiss with them because you are a pussy
    Getting an STD because you become a drunk hoe and don't remember hooking up with people
    Nothing because you are shy and sweaty even though you got botox to remove the sweat glands
  3. What do you do in your free time?

    Babysit because you have no social life and when you do have a social life, you say you get drunk when you really don't
    Cry in your baths about how miserable your life is because the one boy you like, who also has no other options, still refuses to hook up with you
    Fantasize over your orgasms caused by Danny, and attempt to have a future when really it was just a couple night fling.
    Cause unnecessary problems and overreact about everything and then expect people to not hate you
    Answer only Coke's snapchats, or send one massive snapchat per day with a bunch of filters applied
    Do stick and poke tattoos because you think you are a badass, or send snapchats with a lot of boobage
    Suck your best friend's dick
  4. Role in the Group

    Risk Taker, not afraid to make a savage comment because everyone hates you anyways
    The Jew who goes on Jew dates with Yuvy and Max Weinstein
    The Mega Hoe
    The Bitch, speaks to everyone, even her best friends, teachers, parents, boyfriend and strangers, in a really bitchy tone
    Instigates the couple hangouts, while leaving everyone else out
    Most athletic, yet least attendance at group events
    Provide lots of rides and money and nothing else
  5. At a party...

    Takes an Uber 45 minutes in the wrong direction with a short Mexican
    Loses shoes and friends, but makes sure you end up with boyfriend at end of night
    Is too cool for friends and ditches them to ride on that dick
    Starts either screaming, crying, throwing up, or hooking up with someone (not because they necessarily want to, but because his bros are)
    Throws up on people hooking up and then gets caught by the cops and has their mom come
    Half mom half bombed
    Doesn't attend parties because they are not what mature moms do
  6. In a conversation...

    Answers with some spelling errors every 5 hours
    *Whiney voice*
    Pouty face while screaming
    Doesn't have conversations with people you hold grudges against no matter how many times they apologize
    Rolls eyes or makes lip movements to be rude
    Over text, mostly responds with hahaha or oh. In person, tries to avoid when the group is having conversation that draws attention in public
    Stutters and mispronunciations
  7. First to...

    Get fired because you are messyyyy
    Cry over the same boy for 4 years, and then have him as fwb and drop him because of your ego #hypocrite
    Actually follow through with a diet (and brag about it), but ironically is dating a whale
    Rub and suck off a boy's 8th grade sized chode
    Get hated on for shaking boobs and ass for no reason
    Get in a major accident because you have no street smarts and -3 brain cells
    Get their happy trail lasered
  8. Most annoying...

    Voice (Spichey)
    Outfits #Pull down your shorts #Nobody wants to see your ass cheeks
    Body piercing (nose)
    Fights to put up with because you never let the other person speak their mind and think you are always right #AdamNedDidThrowDownYouLiar
    Hair flips while trying to hide the hair bumps you miss while straightening your hair
    Brother (Brandon)
    Person to be alone with, absolutely no conversation to make
  9. What are you getting arrested for

    Incest with Brandon
    Killing all your pets
    Groping in public, excessive rubbing that makes everyone beyond uncomfortable
    Underage drinking because you don't know how to fucking control yourself
    Not listening to the doctor's suggestions regarding weight
    Drugging boys in order to hook up with them, or prostitution #whore

Which Member Of RJ Are You (Part 2)

You got: Britt

Britt is a fuck up who knows how to really waste time. She thinks she is a fun time, but really she is annoying as fuck and everyone hates her, but puts up with her shit because she can drive, will feed you because her house is stocked with food, and order your juuls because she has a debit card.

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You got: Kim

Kim has a boyfriend who originally wanted a different girl (Kim's best friend) but the different girl rejected her so her boyfriend moved on to her. Despite being the second choice, Kim chooses him over anything, rubs him anywhere, and loves him a lot.

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You got: Katie

Katie, with the ugly shorts, loved a boy for years who never wanted to even hook up with her, until he was desperately horny. She tried to sabotage the girl he wanted, but when she finally got him around to wanting "fwb," she is now hoe-ing herself out. She thinks she can get with anyone since she did the nasty on the beach.

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You got: Gianna

Gianna is the rudest person you will ever meet. She had the boy she loved, but was too spiteful to be an actually good girlfriend, and lost him. She hoe-ed herself out while he was away at camp, but somehow got him back when he returned. She is covered in homemade tattoos and will scream a lot to draw attention to herself, while wearing shorts up her butthole.

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You got: Kelly

Kelly had a hockey player boy toy, until she realized that he was not the one for her. She wanted to continue sucking off her best friend.

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You got: Jess

Jess has nothing to contribute to anything, besides her mints and bandages that she carries for whatever reason. She secretly cries when people roast her. Even though she has a fit match, she will never have the courage to even say hi to him. He probably does not want her to throw up in his mouth while hooking up, so I guess he is not actually a perfect match.

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You got: Randi

Randi constantly needs to be in a relationship. Boys break up with her before she has the chance to break up with them because she ruins their personalities and friendships with other people. Despite being a pussy, she ain't in to being eaten out.

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