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10 Tempura Facts That Celebrate National Tempura Day

Today is #NationalTempuraDay and here are 10 delicious tempura facts that will help you celebrate this crispy day!

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1. The tempura recipe was introduced to the Japanese by Portuguese Jesuit missionaries. / Via

2. It is most likely that the word tempura came from the Portuguese word tempêro. / Via

The Portuguese word tempêro translates to seasoning in English.

3. Panko and breadcrumbs aren't used in tempura. / Via

4. Classic tempura batter only contains 3 ingredients. / Via

The 3 ingredients are eggs, cake flour, and cold water.

5. Tempura is a versatile dish and can be served in any way. / Via

6. There are shops in Japan that only sell tempura dishes. / Via

These shops are called tempura-ya and dedicated to only serving tempura dishes.

7. Tempura's airy texture only allows vegetables and seafood to fry. / Via

Chicken and other meats don't work well with tempura's ingredients.

8. Tempura and sweets go together and it's delicious! / Via

Tempura can be served with chocolate, honey, and ice cream. Yum!

9. Most tempura dishes only contain up to 150 calories. / Via

Perfect for all-you-can-eat without worrying about calories!

10. January 7th is National Tempura Day! / Via

It's only the best day to ever exist.

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